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Caterpillar Masters Fellowship Application
Rev. 09282015
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If renewed, the Caterpillar Masters Fellowship provides a maximum total of two years of funding for any student.
Applying for the Caterpillar Masters Fellowship:
1) You must be a full-time graduate student enrolled in a master's program in Bradley University or an undergraduate
student in your senior year at Bradley University who will be continuing in a master's program.
2) You must have completed or are in a process of completing a minimum of 6 credit hours at the graduate level or be
in your last semester as an undergraduate student at Bradley University.
3) You must have a 3.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale to be eligible for a Fellowship.
4) You must have at least 12 months left to complete the master's degree program and present your work at the
Student Research Expo in April.
5) You must be physically on campus at Bradley during the Fellowship and must not be
involved in CPT/OPT
or an internship.
6) Along with this application, you must submit a one to two page proposal on a specific research problem or creative
activity you might like to explore for your selected project under the guidance of a faculty member. Applicants who
do not describe a specific research problem or creative activity will not be considered.
7) Two letters of recommendation are required: one from the faculty sponsor with whom your research work is
planned, and one from the program coordinator (if research is performed under program coordinator, then we require
only one recommendation) or advisor.
8) You must submit a current resume and a Gantt chart or research proposal timelines with potential outcomes (i.e.,
publications, presentations etc.).
9) The application deadline for the Caterpillar Masters Fellowship is April 15 for the following fall semester and
November 15 for the following spring semester.
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