Capstone Project Proposal Form
Student Name: Major:
Term: Fall Spring Year: 20
Submit a signed original and an electronic version to the Honors Program Director at michellep@usca.edu.
Project Title:
Project Supervisor/Mentor:
Project Abstract: Provide a brief (250 word) overview of your project. Include background,
objectives, methodlogy, expected results, and timeline. You may use a separate sheet if necessary.
Honors Students are expected, with the aid of a Faculty Mentor, to develop a research-based project that includes goals,
objectives, or hypotheses; experimental design, data collection, and analysis, or in the case of the arts, an appropriate creative
project. All Honors Students are expected to present their results or artistic performance in a 12-15 minute presentation at the
end of the semester.
Signatures: Student:
Faculty mentor:
Department/Unit Head of Student’s Major:
IRB/Animal Testing Approval Required: Yes No Obtained: Yes No
PART I. Project Description. Complete each of the following sections.
1. Project Title. Provide a descriptive title.
2. Introduction/Background. Describe the important background information pertinent to your project. This section should
provide context and justification for the question being investigated. All references must be cited appropriately and be included in the
Literature Cited section. This section (Introduction) should be concise.
3. Project Objectives. State the project objectives, goals, or hypothesis to be tested.
4. Methodology. Concisely state how you plan to accomplish the project.
5. Literature Cited. All references cited must be included here. All references must be in the format recognized by your area of
study (i.e., CSE, MLA, PSA). Examples of each style can be viewed on the USCA Gregg Graniteville Library web site:
http://library.usca.edu/index.php/Instruction/StyleGuides .