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Candidate Application
3000-420-075 (4/14)
Paper-Based Exams Test Control Officer (TCO) must submit all candidate applications 14 days in
advance of scheduled test date.
Online Exams Candidates must submit application 10 days in advance of anticipated test date.
Practical TCO must submit all candidate applications 14 days in advance of scheduled test
Date of Exam or Practical Location of Exam or Practical
LEVEL: (One application may be used for written and practical exams for the same level.)
Hazardous Materials Awareness Instructor I Fire and Life Safety Educator*
Hazardous Materials Operations Instructor II Driver Operator*
Hazardous Materials Technician* Fire Officer I Driver Operator Pumper*
Firefighter I Fire Officer II Airport Firefighter*
Firefighter II Fire Inspector* Fire Investigator*
* Only paper-based exams are available.
This is a retest. List all other test dates:
PERSONAL INFORMATION: Provide your full legal name. Candidates will be required to show government-
issued photo identification to the test proctor/TCO on the day of testing. Candidates who do not provide photo
ID will not be allowed to test. All fields in bold are required.
Last Name First Name MI Date of Birth
Mailing Address City State ZIP
Contact Number E-Mail Last Four of SSN
( )
FIRE AGENCY INFORMATION: By completing the information below, you are authorizing your fire agency to
access your certification and test records.
Fire Department Name Contact Number
( )
Mailing Address City State ZIP
I understand I am responsible to read and be familiar and comply with the Accreditation & Certification policies
and procedures including, but not limited to, those outlined in the Notice to Candidate. I further acknowledge
that I meet the testing requirements for the level I am applying.
Candidate Signature Date
Completed applications should be submitted to the Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) at the address listed
on the top of the form or by e-mail to
or by fax to (360) 596-3934.
(Clears all Fields in the Form)