Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits
If this is a new request for Direct Deposit, you must
1. Already have the checking or savings account set up at your financial institution
2. Find out if they accept direct deposits. Verify financial institution ABA# and your
account #.
3. Notify the bank that you are going to setup direct deposit for payroll.
4. You must set up access to the college’s WEB ADVISOR to view your pay stubs.
(see attached information)
5. Pay Advices (or pay stubs) do not post until your pay date.
Please check the appropriate request below:
Canceling account (complete item C below).
A New Account (complete items A through D below)
A New Account to replace a direct deposit already set up (complete A D)
Additional direct deposit (complete A through D on a separate copy of this form)
A. Bank Name ________________________________________________________
B. Bank ABA# ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____
C. Bank Account #_____________________________________________________
D. Checking _________ or Savings ________
Please return this signed agreement to the payroll department with a voided check from
your checking account or verification from you bank of the ABA and account number.
**Your account # will be pre-noted* for at least one pay period cycle. Therefore, you
will continue to receive a check until the pre-note process has been completed
successfully. * Pre-note refers to the process in which WTC sends a zero transaction
amount to verify that the account number is valid
*I authorize WTC and the bank listed above to deposit my net pay into my account each
*If funds to which I am not entitled are deposited to my account, I authorize WTC to
direct the bank to return said funds.
*I authorize WTC to deduct from my account/payroll check any fees incurred by the
bank due to an employee error(ie-failing to notify WTC of a closed direct deposit
*I acknowledge that the authorization agreement for automatic deposits form and an
original voided check or verification from your bank of the ABA and account number
must be received ten (10) days before the pay date to be processed with the said
___________________________________ ___________________________
Employee Signature Date
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Steps for accessing WebAdvisor For Employees Only
1. Log into Web Advisor
2. Click on Log In
3. Your User ID is your last name and first initial
4. Your password is the last six digits of your social security number and first intial
of your last name
5. Click submit
6. The system will prompt you to reset your password
7. Again enter your user ID
8. Again enter your password (as instructed on line 4)
9. Enter a new password using the information given on the screen (such as must
have six to nine characters and a least one letter or number)
10. Click submit (the system should then recognize you by name)
11. Click on employees
12. Under employees menu To view your pay stub- Click on Pay Advices
If you do not know your password or at some point forget
1. Call or contact Jennifer Strong (843-355-4111)
2. Your password will be reset to the last six digits of your Social Security number
and first initial of your last name