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***Please note: we are only able to repair Metolius cams.***
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v: 06.23.2020
Tel: (541) 382-7585
Metolius Climbing makes all efforts to return your cams to their best possible condition. However cams have a finite lifespan and may need
to be retired as a result of broken springs, excessively worn lobes, severely bent cables, etc. and might not be repairable. Regardless of
condition, please send all Metolius cams to us for inspection as it helps us improve our product.
We recommend you ship your cams via UPS, FED EX or flate-rate USPS Priority Mail packaging, and save your tracking number. Secure your
cams in a cardboard box for shipping; packing peanuts are not necessary.
Please call Customer Service for an RA #. Write your RA# on the outside of the box and on the top of this form. This number allows us to
track your cams as they go through our inspection and repair process. Average time for service is three weeks. Please do not call Customer
Service for the status of your returned units. Inquire via email to:
Re-Slings are $3 per cam and includes: Inspection, Cleaning, Lube, Tuning, and new Nylon/Dyneema Slings.
Re-Wires are $8 per cam and includes the Re-sling service PLUS new trigger wires or cords.
Return shipping is $10 for UPS Ground in the USA. Return shipping to Canada is $20 for UPS Expedited. Canadian Customs may add
additional fees to cams returned to Canada. For 25 cams or more, shipping charges will vary according to UPS fees. Please contact Metolius
for a quote.
We will contact you if additional repairs are deemed necessary.
We will not contact you when we receive your cams. A UPS tracking number will be sent to your e-mail address upon shipping.
International customers please contact
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63189 Nels Anderson Road Bend, OR 97701