Data Protection and Environmental Information
We need permission to hold your details on our
database. Submission of a form electronically will be
taken as consent to process your personal data.
Please confirm your consent below by ticking the box:
I give consent that my contact details and related
responses can be held by Callington Town Council
and I understand that they will only be used in
relation to neighbourhood planning matters.
Completion notes
Please complete one form for each site
You must give your name and address for your
submission to be considered
You must include a map or aerial photograph
showing the precise boundaries of the site
Please submit your response by
Friday 7th September 2018.
This information is collected by Callington Town
Council as data controller in accordance with the Data
Protection Act 2018. The purposes for collecting this
data are:
inform other work associated with the Callington
and Kelly Bray Neighbourhood Plan; and
to contact you, if necessary, regarding the answers
given on this Proforma.
The form may also be used in discussion with other
parties e.g. parish councils, developers, residents and
Cornwall Council, but the contact details on the first
two pages will be detached and held separately. Data
will be kept for as long as it is considered useful for the
above purposes.
Any recorded information held by Callington Town
Council can be requested under the Freedom of
Information (FOI) Act 2000 or the Environment
Information Regulations (EIR) 2004.
The Council shall act reasonably and use its discretion
when making a decision to release or withhold this
If you have any concerns regarding the processing
of your data, please call Town Clerk Helen Dowdall
on 01579 384039 or email
Keeping in touch:
Yes please, I would like to receive communications
by email.
Yes please, I would like to receive communications
by telephone.
Yes please, I would like to receive communications
by mobile phone including text message.
Yes please, I would like to receive communications
by social media including Facebook.
Yes please, I would like to receive communications
by post.
Please sign (or type
your name if submitting
Please send the
completed form to:
Callington Town Council
The Town Hall
New Road
Cornwall, PL17 7BD
or by email to:
Callington and Kelly Bray
Neighbourhood Plan will need
to allocate sites for future
As part of the work to prepare the plan the steering
group have decided to issue a call for sites.
It should be noted that the identification of
potential housing, employment and other sites
through the call for sites does not indicate that
planning permission will be granted or that a site
will be allocated for future development in the
Neighbourhood Plan.
Call for Sites
Callington and Kelly Bray Neighbourhood Plan
Your Details
Telephone Number:
Email address:
Are you the owner of the site? Yes - Sole Owner Yes - Part Owner No - Acting as agent
Please name any other parties
with an interest in the site
Please confirm whether all parties
with an interest in the site have
agreed for it to be submitted?
Yes No
Do you give your consent for
members of the Neighbourhood
Plan Steering Group or
their appointed consultants
to access the site for the
purpose of assessing it for the
Neighbourhood Plan?
Yes Yes if
accompanied by
the landowner /
Site Details
Site address or description of the
What is the current use of the site?
What type of development do you
think the site is suitable for?
Housing Employment Mix of
employment &
Community uses Not sure Other (please
explain below)
Please provide any further details on the potential use of the site here:
If the site is suitable for housing
approximately how many homes do
you think could be provided?
To the best of your knowledge are
there any constraints that prevent
the site from being developed?
Please provide details.
Access difficulties:
Amenity Issues e.g. Dust, Noise, Smell:
Environmental Designation:
Flood Risk:
Infrastructure/Utility Requirements:
Legal Issues e.g. Covenants:
Local Character:
Ownership Issues:
Planning policies:
Tree Cover:
Other consideration (Please explain):
Do you consider that the
constraints on the site can be
overcome? If so please explain how?
Is the site currently for sale?
Is there current interest from a
Is the site immediately available for
If the site is not immediately
available when do you think it could
be available for development?
Within the
next 5 years
Within 6 to
10 years
Within 11 to
15 years
After 15
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