1 1/30/2014
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External User Request for EPICS CACFP
Sponsor: Upon completion, e-mail form to CYFDEPICS.CACFP@state.nm.us
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CYFD Program Manager: Upon approval, e-mail to SystemAccess@state.nm.us
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2 1/30/2014
The Request Information section of this form is to be completed by the sponsor of the individual
requesting access to EPICS CACFP. The individual requesting access must have an e-mail address
as this is used to send login information to that person and outage notifications. Upon completion,
the form is to be sent to CYFDEPICS.CACFP@state.nm.us for review and approval by the CYFD
Program Manager.
If the user is requesting access to multiple roles, please submit different External Request for
EPICS CACFP forms with distinct e-mail address for each role. Example scenario: User requesting
access to CACFP Home Sponsor Director and Facility Sponsor Director roles.
EPICS CACFP User Roles - Descriptions
CACFP External Home Provider - Licensed or Registered Home Provider on the Food
CACFP Facility Sponsor Director - Food Program Sponsor for Facilities.
CACFP Home Sponsor Director - Food Program Sponsor Director for Home Providers.
CACFP Home Sponsor Monitor QA - Food Program Sponsor Monitor for Home