e & Bill Gross scholarship is for student who is pursuing a Career Technical Education (CTE)
certificate program at Orange Coast College.
Name: Student ID#:
Email: Phone Number:
Mailing Address:
Are you currently enrolled in a CTE program at OCC? YES NO
If YES, which program?
What year are you planning to complete your program? 2020 2021
Have you enrolled in 12 units or more for the Spring semester in 2019? YES NO
How many classes in your CTE program have you completed, not counting any general
education/transfer courses?
What is your current cumulative GPA? CTE program GPA?
Have you met with a CTE counselor and established a comprehensive Student Education Plan that
names your major and details your course of study in your CTE program? YES
f YES, please attach a copy of your SEP to this application.
If NO, please make an appointment with a counselor designated by your program to create
an education plan and submit by the end of the second week of the Fall semester.
Check all of the following designations that apply to you:
I am a veteran.
I am a displaced worker (i.e., laid off from previous employment).
I am an emancipated foster youth with a high school diploma or general education
development (GED) credential.
None of the above apply.
Have you applied for financial aid at OCC? YES
f NO, please note that you must complete the FAFSA in order to qualify for this scholarship.
Do you qualify for or have you received state or federal assistance that covers your total cost of
attendance and copletion of your CTE program? YES
f YES, are you currently receiving financial aid?
If YES, please describe the type(s) of financial aid (e.g., BOG Waiver, Cal Grant A, Pell Grant,
f you are currently receiving financial aid from any source, do you have financial need or costs
associated with your CTE program that are NOT covered by the financial aid? YES
f YES, check all of the costs/expenses that are NOT covered by financial aid:
Registration fees
Books or on-line text or instructional materials
Class supplies, tools, uniforms, etc.
Transportation to required internship or clinical site
Other, please describe
Please attach a personal statement that answers the following questions:
How did you develop your career interest and choose your CTE program at OCC?
What have you learned so far during your CTE program experience, including the technical
and personal skills you have acquired?
Have you faced any significant challenges (i.e. personal, academic and/or financial) whil
ursuing your education and CTE program completion at OCC?
What are the career and life goals that you hope to achieve by completing your CTE program
at OCC?
How will receiving a Sue and bill Gross CTE Scholarship help you overcome challenges and
reach your life and career goals?
I acknowledge that I understand and accept the following terms and conditions that will apply to me
if I receive the scholarship award:
I must enroll in and complete 12 units each semester in my designated CTE Certificate
I must file a FAFSA and have unmet financial need as determined on my financial aid award
notification letter verified by the OCC Financial Aid Office (Note:expected family
contribution” amount will be considered as unmet financial need for the purposes of this
Eligibility for a full Pell grant will disqualify me from receiving this CTE scholarship.
I must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher during each semester of the school term for which I
receive a scholarship award.
The maximum scholarship award I will receive will not exceed $2700 for 2019-2020 school
I understand that I will not receive a cash disbursement for any scholarship funds awarded to
me. Instead, my qualifying expenses covered by the scholarship will be paid directly to
Orange Coast College or to the vendor (e.g., bookstore, equipment vendor, etc.) whenever
possible. I may be reimbursed by way of check issued to me by the Orange Coast College
Bursar for qualifying expenses as determined by my award letter. Such reimbursement will
apply to expenses prepaid by me. I will receive reimbursement after I present receipt(s)
showing the date of payment, the item(s) purchased, the amount paid and the name of the
qualifying vendor. Reimbursement may take up to three (3) weeks to be issued.
signing below, I acknowledge that all of the representations in this applications for a Sue and Bill
Gross CTE Scholarship are true to the best of my knowledge, and that any award of scholarship funds
is based on the truth of my stements. I understand that my college transcript(s) and financial aid
application and records will be examined by a counselor and/or a financial aid officer to verify my
statements and eligibility for a scholarship award.
Applicant Signature Date