Revised 2020
Student Name :
Student: Please initial next to each statement to confirm your understanding of the Concordia University/
Northwestern Health Sciences University articulation and how it influences your education.
CSP=Concordia University, St. Paul
MSES=Master of Science in Exercise Science
NWHSU=Northwestern Health Sciences University
DCP=Doctor of Chiropractic Program
Important Information:
_____ 1. I understand this is considered an articulation agreement, with CSP accepting NWHSU
DCP courses into their MSES program.
_____ 2. I understand DCP courses can be used to meet 5 courses (15 total credits) within the
MSES program. The specific MSES courses and the DCP equivalencies are listed in the
table below.
CSP MSES Courses (credits are
listed in parentheses)
NWHSU DCP Equivalencies (You must earn a “B
grade or higher in these NWHSU DCP courses) (credits
are listed in parentheses)
KHS570 Ethics and Policy in Sport
and Exercise Science (3)
PnP 5 (ID: 24760) (1)
Legal Aspects of Chiropractic Health Care (ID: 47190)
Managing Finances (ID: 23515) (1)
KHS605 Nutrition and Metabolism
Clinical Nutrition I (ID: 36350) (2) AND
Clinical Nutrition II (ID: 36351) (2)
Macronutrients and Micronutrients (ID: NUTR5001) (4)
KHS585 Biomechanics in Exercise
Science (3)
NMS III (ID: 36141) (3.63)
Methods III (ID: 33230) (3.25)
Methods IV (ID: 33340) (3.25)
NMS I (ID: 36030) (3)
KHS590 Psychology of Sport and
Exercise (3)
PTIII (ID: 35170) (1.5)
Mental Health I (ID: 26170) (2)
Mental Health II (ID: 26280) (1)
Revised 2020
_____ 3. I understand a failure to complete the DCP courses above with a minimum “B” grade
or higher will require me to take additional MSES courses to earn the MSES degree. For
example, KHS570 requires students to complete PnP 5, Legal Aspects of Chiropractic
Health, and Managing Finances, each course with a B grade or higher. E.g. If I earn a B
grade in PnP 5, an A grade in Legal Aspects of Chiropractic Health, and a C grade in
Managing Finances, the requirement for KHS570 will not be met since all courses
require the B grade or higher.
_____ 4. In #3 above, certain MSES courses require a “package” of NWHSU DCP courses. I
understand that if I do not have a B grade or higher in each course, I have the ability to
submit a petition to the university to accept a C grade in combination with other grades to
meet the requirements for specific MSES courses. No D grades will not be considered.
Petitions are not automatically approved and will be subject to review by the petition
committee. I should speak with my Concordia Admissions Counselor about the petition
_____ 5. I understand current CSP policy states graduate level transfer courses must be
completed within the last 5 years. If my courses were completed longer than 5 years ago,
they will not be accepted for transfer. I have the ability to submit a petition with
supporting rationale to use any courses completed longer than 5 years ago.
Note: Petitions are not automatically approved and will be subject to review by the
petition committee.
_____ 6. Because of this articulation agreement, I understand 6 MSES courses will be required
to earn the MSES degree: 1) KHS513 Scientific Principles of Strength and Conditioning,
2) KHS 610 Research Methods, 3) KHS595 Clinical Exercise Assessment, 4) KHS615
Exercise Prescription, 5) KHS600 Exercise Physiology, and 6) KHS620 Master’s
Capstone. Note: Additional courses may be required dependent upon the grades earned in
#2 above.
_____ 7. I understand my financial aid status for pursuing the MSES program:
CSP Scholarship: I am eligible to receive a $1,000 partner scholarship because I
graduated from NWHSU. This scholarship will be split evenly over 3 semesters
in the MSES program.
KHS580 Mechanisms of Skilled
Neuromuscular Behavior (3)
PT II (ID: 33561) (2)
NMS I (ID: 36030) (3)
PT III (ID: 35170) (1.5)
Children’s Health (ID: 25490) (2cr)
Neurodiagnosis (ID: 56003) (2.75cr)
Revised 2020
Federal Financial Aid: I understand I may be limited as to whether I am eligible
for federal financial aid. This can be attributed to the loans I might have from my
chiropractic program. A master’s degree has a lower maximum limit than a
chiropractic doctorate (Aggregate Maximum: $138,500 for a master’s degree and
$224,000 for a chiropractic doctorate). Depending on the loans I have from my
doctorate, I might be limited in my ability to use federal financial aid. I should
discuss my financial aid questions with Concordia representatives.
Other Loans: I understand I can pursue private loans, other private funding, or
other non-federal funding to pay for this program.
Payment to CSP: Regardless of the method I use for payment, I am responsible
for paying CSP myself for any tuition and fees owed to the school by the
published tuition deadline date for the term.
_____ 8. I understand I must meet all admissions requirements of CSP to be accepted into the
MSES program. These include a 3.0 GPA from my chiropractic doctorate as documented
by my official NWHSU transcripts, an application, an official transcript from NWHSU,
and submission of this contract. See item 10 for further consideration.
_____ 9. I understand if I do not meet CSP admissions criteria, I will be required to go to the
Graduate Admissions Petition Committee. At the direction of CSP admissions
counselors, additional documentation will need to be provided by the student to prove
they will be successful in the MSES program.
_____ 10. I understand I need to maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA throughout my time in the
MSES program in order to earn the degree. Additional graduation requirements include
completion of all coursework, either through CSP or through DCP transfer courses
(Reminder: I need to earn a “B” grade or higher for the transfer courses).
_____ 11. I understand submission of this contract to CSP is required because it will provide
proof that I have been told of the specific details associated with this articulation. I also
understand I can contact NWHSU or CSP representatives at any time to discuss any
questions about the articulation and my remaining academic requirements.
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