CSM reviews financial aid eligibility annually upon completion of the spring semester. A review of
grades after the completion of the Spring 2020 has determined that you are not meeting the Satisfactory
Academic Progress Standards (SAP) and are no longer eligible to receive financial aid at CSM.
The Department of Education has allowed CSM to exclude withdraws (WD) from your SAP calculation if
the withdraw was related to a COVID-19 circumstance. Please note: this guidance does not allow CSM to
ignore any earned grades (i.e. F, FX, FE, etc.) in the SAP calculations.
Please complete this form only if your Spring 2020 grades have been impacted by a COVID related
circumstance which is now reflected in your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards. If
you received ANY letter or incomplete grade(s) on your Spring 2020 transcript that caused you to
fall below the SAP requirements as outlined or any withdraws were NOT COVID-19 related you
will need to appeal your termination. You will need to complete a full appeal (on following pages) and
attach relevant documentation. If you received withdraws (WD’s) due to a COVID-19 related
circumstance please check off the reason (s) below. This will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeals
Committee and you will receive notification upon review of your academic transcript. For more
information about SAP visit the college catalog or Financial Aid website at www.csmd.edu
COVID related circumstances include, but are not limited to:
Illness of you or a family member
Need to become a caregiver
Orders to be a first responder
Added work hours
Loss of Childcare
Unable to continue classes via distance learning
Unable to access Wi-fi due to closures
Other __________________________________________________________
All decisions made by the Appeals Committee are final. Once this appeal/ explanation is reviewed
by the Appeals Committee you will receive a letter in the mail. You may be required to make an
appointment with your academic advisor. The appeal is not fully approved until the Academic Plan
(if needed) is submitted to the Financial Aid Office.
y completing this form, you certify that you withdrew (WD) from one or more courses in the Spring
2020 semester due to a COVID-19 related circumstance.
tudent Name: _________________________________ Student ID # ________________
Student Signature: ______________________________ Date: ______________________
If you purposely give false or misleading information, you may be fined up to $20,000, sent to prison, or
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College of Southern Maryland
2020-21 Financial Assistance
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal
To be eligible for financial assistance (federal student aid and most need based
, Federal regulations require students to
maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in three areas: cumulative grade point average (GPA), credits earned or
completion rate and maximum timeframe. It is the student’s responsibility to stay informed of the college’s SAP standards and to
monitor his or her own progress. A complete description of CSM’s SAP policy can be found in the college catalog appendices.
Students not covered by these regulations are required to maintain good academic standing as outlined by the college catalog
(Academic Standing/Dismissal).
In some cases, a student’s failure to be in
with credits earned or
rates areas of SAP maybe due to events
beyond the student’s control. If such
can be
for the specific semester(s) when the deficiencies occurred,
the student may submit this completed SAP Appeal Form along with all required
Submission of the appeal
does not guarantee approval.
If your appeal is approved and your financial
is reinstated, it will not be retroactive to any semester when these standards
were not met. The Student Services Appeals Committee will notify you once a decision has been made on your appeal.
Be sure to include your name and student ID number on any
Name Student ID number
Current mailing address
City State Zip
Day phone
Evening phone
1. Please check the term for which you are submitting a SAP appeal. The deadlines are as follows:
Fall / Spring Semester July 3, 2020
Spring Semester November 6, 2020
Summer Session March 26, 2021
2. Please indicate the
that have
to your inability to maintain SAP by checking any category
below that applies to you. You also must follow the instructions for each checked category.
Serious illness or injury to you or an
family member (parent, spouse, sibling, child) that required extended
recovery time. Attach a statement from the physician and explain the nature and dates of the illness or injury in question 3 of this
form. If confined to bed rest or limited mobility by your physician, please make sure that your physician includes the beginning and
ending dates in his or her statement.
Death of an
family member (parents, spouse, brother, sister, child). Attach a photocopy of the death certificate or
an obituary and include the name of the deceased and
to you in question 3 of this form.
Significant trauma in your life that impaired your emotional and/or physical health. Provide a detailed explanation in
question 3 of this form regarding the specific circumstances of your condition. Please be sure to include dates and what you have
done to overcome this condition. Supporting
from a third party (physician, social worker, psychiatrist, police, etc.)
also must be attached.
Other unexpected documented circumstances beyond your control. Provide a detailed explanation in question 3 of this form
explaining the nature and dates of the unexpected circumstances. Supporting documentation also must be provided.
Complete reverse side
3. Provide a brief explanation below of the circumstances indicated in question 2 that led to the SAP violation and why
those circumstances are no longer affecting your academic performance. In addition, indicate what you have done to
address the problems that have prevented you from maintaining SAP. Attach additional sheets if necessary.
4. My Academic Plan:
Please initial the following statements below, acknowledging you have read and understand the guidelines
pertaining to your SAP appeal.
I understand that I must be taking classes towards my program of study. _ _
I understand based on the number of credits that I plan on enrolling in, I will graduate in
I understand that I may have to meet with an academic advisor to discuss my academic plan if granted this appeal. _
I understand that I CANNOT drop, audit, fail, or fail with non
if my appeal is granted or it will be void. _ _
I understand that I can only be granted one appeal per circumstance. __
I understand that the Office of Student Financial Aid will be monitoring my progress and that my appeal will be void if I am
not complying with the plan. _ _
I have read and I understand the requirements to stay in good standing for financial aid
factory Academic Progress).
I understand that I must follow my financial aid academic success plan in its entirety in order to remain eligible for
I understand that if I do not meet with an academic advisor as required my appeal can be revoked, even after being granted
for the academic period. _ _
5. Certifications and signature. I am requesting to have my financial aid eligibility reinstated. I understand that the Appeals
Committee will not accept any SAP appeal that is incomplete or lacks documentation. By signing this form, I certify that the
information on this form is truthful and accurate.
You may return this form by:
Mail Fax Email Hand Delivery
College of Southern Maryland 301 934 7694 finaid@csmd.edu FAD Office
Department Prince Frederick, Leonardtown,
P. O. Box 910 La Plata Campuses
La Plata, MD 20646
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