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What is the URL of the blog page you are evaluating?
What is the title of the bl
og? _________________________________________________________
What is the name of the person who maintains the blog? ____________________________________
Evaluating the Content
As you look at the questions below, put an X in the yes or no column for each.
Does the title of the blog provide information about its content?
Is the purpose of the blog stated on the blog page?
Is there a link to lead you to further information about the blog creator?
Can you determine the credentials of the creator from the blog content?
If you conduct a search on the creator’s name in a search engine or in Google Groups, can
you find out what provides the creator with the authority to write about the blog topic?
Can you tell from the comments on the blog that others treat the creator as an expert in
the topic that the Weblog covers?
Do many other blogs link to this one?
(Conduct a URL search in a blog search engine like Google)
When looking at the blogger’s posts, can you recognize any bias?
If the blogger includes a list of links to other Web sites or blogs, does this help you determine
the expertise or authority of the blog creator?
Is the content found in the blog written in a readable manner, with correct grammar/spelling?
Does the content in the blog contradict information found in another source?
Is the information on the blog updated on a regular basis?
Summary of Findings
Using the data you have collected above, write a short statement explaining why you would or wouldn't
use this blog as a reputable source of information.