omplete this form and substantiate with one or more of the following documents :
YES, I would like a credit limit increase of my Maybank Credit Card(s).
I acknowledge that Maybank may adjust my current credit limit in line with my current monthly income.
£ Permanent Increase in Credit Limit (PICL)
For Salaried Employee :
£ Latest salary slip or
£ Latest EPF Statement
£ Temporary Increase in Credit Limit (TICL)
Purpose of TICL :
____________________________________________________________ Duration of TICL : From _______________________________ to ________________________________
Monthly Financing*
from consumer electronics & furniture retailer.
TOTAL _________________________________________
Company Financing Amount Tenure Monthly Payment
Email to
Mail to Maybank Card Centre Walk-in
Any Maybank Branches
I he given by me is true and complete. I hereby declare that all the information given but not limited to information from any
nancings that I have obtained or in the process of obta lete and I have not withheld any material
facts or information in relation thereto. If any information given by me herein becomes inaccurate or there are any material changes in anyway, whether before this application
is approved or while this app
nancing is outstanding, I hereby undertake to notify Maybank Berhad of such changes with imme further declare that I do
not have a
nstitutions other than as declared herein. I hereby authorize you to verify inform
r e Terms and Conditions of the Maybank Berhad Credit Cardholder Agreement which has been displayed on the Maybank Berhad
website and agree to be bound by them and all future amendments thereto. I shall comply with the Bank's requirements in respect of my application and I understand that the
bject to the Bank performing the necessary veri . The Bank shall reserve the absolute right n
reason. This application form and all supporting documents that were submitted to the Bank shall be the sole property of the Bank.
By signing this form, I am declaring that I have read and understood and agreed to be subject to the Maybank Group Privacy Notice and expressly consenting to and authorizing
Maybank Group:
to request for and to obtain all the personal information and data in this form for the purpose of processing this application and all other purposes which are
to disclose my personal data to other entities within the Maybank Group and other external parties when required
to collect and process my sensitive personal data for the purpose of this application (where applicable)
For Self-Employed :
and latest BE form with LHDN
receipt (or proof tax paid)
For Commission Earners :
On a periodic basis, the Bank including companies within the Maybank Group and its strategic partners may (“Other Entities”) have promotional programmes for our
esteemed customers. Your consent is required in order for us to disclose, share and process
With regards to promotional and marketing materials. Please tick
Yes, expressly agree to Maybank Group Other Entities processing personal data for promotional and marketing purposes.
£ No, do not agree too Maybank Group r Other Entities processing r personal data for promotion and marketing purposes.
If I wish to have my name and address removed from such mailing list, I am required to write to the Bank at Maybank Cards Marketi
If you can show that information about you is not accurate, complete and up-to-date, you can contact the Bank to have the data amended and updated.
Cardmember’s Signature* __________________________________________________________________ Date (dd-mm-yyyy)* ________________________________________________________________________
All elds marked with an asterisk (*) are compulsory and must be lled in for your request to be accepted.
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