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Phone: 954-480-4429
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Address: Suite/Apt:
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All applicants shall be required to:
Submit a completed and signed Showmobile Rental Application Form.
Submit a completed and signed Showmobile Rental Agreement Form.
Provide a Certificate of Insurance showing an aggregate coverage of $2,000,000 with the City of Deerfield Beach named as
additionally/Co-insured and Certificate Holder must be submitted with the signed Showmobile Rental Application Form.
Submit a $250.00 refundable security deposit (provided the stage is returned in the same condition it was received in).
The individual, group or organization acknowledges having received and read the City of Deerfield Beach Showmobile Rental Agreement and hereby
agrees to abide by all rules and regulations set forth in said policy. The individual, group or organization further agrees to leave the showmobile in a
clean and orderly condition following the authorized use, and to cooperate fully with the designated City of Deerfield Beach representative assigned to
set up, take down and oversee the use of the showmobile. Full responsibility for any damage to the showmobile, property or persons is assumed by the
renting organization as attested by the undersigned as an agent for the renting organization. The City of Deerfield Beach, its officials, employees, agents,
and volunteers shall be saved harmless from any claim and/or liability hereby arising out of, or in connection with the function, activities and uses of the
Signature of Applicant Application Date:
PLEASE NOTE: The City of Deerfield Beach reserves the right to cancel this rental agreement due to inclement weather or
impending bad weather per the City's discretion. Rental fees will be prorated based on the time used. The City of Deerfield Beach's
ability to provide a rental snowmobile, if reserved, is contingent upon and subject to the return of the unit by the previous lessee.
Provide proof of current non-profit status (if applicable).
Not Approved
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Rev: February 21, 2019
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