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Free on campus delivery on orders $50 or more. All orders must be placed 5 days prior to the event.
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Sandwiches & Wraps Qty
Choose from: Bagged/Box Lunch Platter Style
Deli Sandwich
lettuce, tomato, mayo
Roast Beef Half ($5.00) or Whole ($7.75)
Turkey Half ($5.00) or Whole ($7.75)
Ham Half ($5.00) or Whole ($7.75)
Crispy Chicken Wrap ($7.75)
Iceberg, tomato, ranch, bacon
Curry Chicken Salad ($7.75)
Lettuce, toasted bun
Caprese ($7.75)
Mozzarella, tomato jam, basil pesto, arugula, balsamic
Hummus Vegetable Wrap ($7.75) Kale mix, tomato, cucumber
Caesar Wrap ($7.75) Grilled chicken breast, shredded romaine, parmesan
Chicken Pesto ($10.00) Grilled chicken, provolone, arugula, ciabatta
Salami ($10.00)
Mozzarella, roasted red peppers, iceberg, mayo,
Italian vinaigrette
Club Wrap ($10.00)
Turkey, bacon, iceberg, tomato, Swiss
Corned Beef ($10.00)
Swiss, Russian dressing, house made pickles
Sides Qty
Quinoa Salad ($2.75)
Kettle Chips, variety ($2.75)
Chinese Sesame Noodles ($2.75)
Sweet Potato Chips & Onion Dip ($2.75)
Orzo Salad ($2.75)
Sundried tomato pesto, arugula and feta
Macaroni Salad ($2.75)
Green Salad ($3.25)
Choose from: Ranch Champagne Vinaigrette
Seasonal Fruit ($4.25)
Potato Salad ($4.25)
Bacon, cheddar, sour cream
Chickpea Salad ($4.25)
Cucumber, shredded carrot, arugula, curry
vinaigrette, dried cherry
Brown Rice Salad ($4.25) Arugula, kale mix, peas, parmesan,
Snacks Qty
Yogurt, granola and fruit ($6.00 )
Tortilla chips and salsa ($2.75)
Hummus platter ($6.50)
Brownies ($1.50)
Cookies ($1.25)
Cinnamon Rolls ($3.50)
Brain Food Bar ($3.00)
House made with dried cherry, cranberry,
macadamia nut, sunower seeds, rolled oats. No sugar added.
Salads Qty
Garden ($6.25)
Spring mix, shredded carrot, cherry tomatoes,
cucumber, shredded cheese, croutons
Choose from: Ranch Champagne Vinaigrette
Quinoa ($6.25)
Arugula, feta, cherry tomato, champagne vinaigrette
Caesar ($6.25)
Chopped romaine, parmesan, croutons
Add: grilled chicken breast ($3.00)
Falafel ($10.00)
Spring mix, cucumber, cherry tomato, red pepper,
tahini dressing
Cobb ($10.00)
Chopped romaine, bleu cheese crumble, grilled
chicken breast, bacon, cherry tomato, blue cheese dressing
Hot Entrees Minimum order 40 people Qty
Pork Loin ($13.00)
Served with risotto and green salad and a roll
Baked Ziti ($11.00)
Served with meat sauce, green salad and a roll
Tri Tip ($14.00)
Served with potato gratin, green salad and a roll
Baked Tortellini ($12.00)
Served with green salad and roll
Pizza 10 slices each ($22.00) Qty
BBQ Chicken
Chicken breast, mozzarella, red pepper, BBQ sauce
Mozzarella, marinara sauce
Chicken Bacon Garlic
Chicken breast, red pepper, bacon, garlic,
white sauce
Ham, pineapple
Roasted vegetables, sliced tomato
Sausage, pepperoni, onion, peppers, mushrooms
Beverages Qty
Coee service ($2.25)
variety of avors
Water Bottles ($1.25)
For additional information or customized menu options,
please email Ashley Mitchell at
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