The is a program available to assist eligible faculty and staff who are experiencing temporary hardship as a result of
the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund is not a loan. It is a grant of up to $1,000 designed to address temporary financial
hardship faculty and staff may be experiencing as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Have a temporary financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic
Full and part-time employees
Employees who are on approved leave
Must be employed at least six months
Self-certification of financial hardship related to COVID-19. Examples include:
Employee, spouse or dependent is diagnosed with COVID-19,
Employee experiences adverse financial consequences as a result of:
o Being quarantined
o Being furloughed, laid off, or having work hours reduced as a result of the virus or disease
o Being unable to work due to lack of child care due to such virus or disease
o Other factors as determined by the Relief Fund Committee
Assistance is limited to $1,000 per employee.*
Eligible applicants earning up to $75,000/year.
Applications are limited to one per household where there is dual UD employment.
*Emergency funding is not guaranteed to all who apply. Funding is awarded on a case-by-case basis and is contingent
upon availability of funds in the COVID-19 Employee Emergency Relief Fund account. Given the limited amount of funds
available, requests may be fully funded up to a $1,000 limit, partially funded, or not funded at all.
How to Apply
Fill out the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund Application electronically or print the form (PDF) and fill in manually. Be sure
to sign and date the form to verify that the information is valid and accurate. Information provided by grant applicants
will be treated as confidential and shared only with individuals directly involved in grant administration, processing,
and tax reporting. Submit the application and any supporting documentation (i.e., rent or mortgage notice, electric or
other utility bill) you wish to provide to The completed application will be reviewed
by the Relief Fund Committee, and a decision will be given within two business days, and funding will be processed
Review Process
1. The COVD-19 Relief Fund Coordinator presents the application and supporting documentation to the Relief Fund
Committee. The Relief Fund Committee is comprised of three anonymous individuals
2. The Relief Fund Committee carefully reviews the application and decides whether or not the application is
approved. The committee may request additional information prior to rendering a decision.
3. The COVD-19 Relief Fund Coordinator will notify the applicant of the Relief Fund Committees decision after the
committee meeting.
How to Donate
Donate by visiting
Please download this PDF to your computer to access hyperlinks and fillable fields.
All personally identifying information will be removed before the application is forwarded to the selection
committee. Completed application materials will be retained in Human Resources:
______________________________________________________ __________________ __________________
Name Employee ID Date of Birth
______________________________________________________ _________________ Part Time
Department/College Length of UD Service
Full Time
______________________________________________________ __________________ __________________
Home Street Address City Zip Code
______________________________________ ______________________________ Is it okay to leave a message?
Phone Alternate Phone Yes No
Mailing Address for check if different from above
If applicant is not completing this form
_________________________________________________________ _________________ __________________
Name Relationship Phone Number
I certify that the information provided on this application is complete and accurate and that my financial hardship is
genuine. I certify that all supporting documents that I provide are valid and accurate. I will apply all money received
from the Fund toward debts related to the hardship. I understand that my application will not be considered for
financial assistance if it is found to contain misleading information.
___________________________________________________________ ______________
Employee signature Date
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Please give answers to the following questions.
1. What Is the amount of assistance you are requesting (Not to exceed $1,000)?
2. Please describe your financial hardship in detail.
AMOUNT: $__________________