Revised 2/10/12
Before turning this form in, please make a copy
for yourself and your instructor. Thank you!
Student Information
ID: _______ Name: _________________________________ Class year: __________ Date: __________
Email address: | Academic Advisor: _______________________________
1. Complete this form and return it to the Registrars Office no later than the last day to add a class
for the semester the course is being offered.
2. The student and the instructor must complete the form together.
3. The faculty member will submit an AU/(Successful Audit) or UA/(Unsuccessful Audit) grade for
your audit at the end of the term.
4. Audit notation will appear on the students transcript during the term in which the course was
1. The student bears primary responsibility for obtaining and receiving this recognition.
2. The form is due by the last day to add a class for that semester. No after-the-fact or late entries
will be made.
I agree to the student auditing the course listed below. We have discussed the terms and conditions
necessary for the student to receive the notation of audit on their academic transcript.
Academic Year
Course number
Course title
Instructor name (please print): _____________________________________Date: ________________
Instructor signature: __________________________________________________________________
I agree to the terms of agreement for this audit stated on the reverse side.
Student name (please print): _______________________________________Date: ________________
Student signature: ____________________________________________________________________
e back for guidelines and more information.
Registrar’s Office
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Revised 2/10/12
1. Student must be officially registered at the College.
2. Permission of instructor is required to audit the course.
3. A person who has audited a course may not subsequently earn credit for it by special
examination. Student auditing courses where tests and evaluations are used to establish an early
grade pattern may not register for those courses after the add deadline has passed.
4. Successful audits are not awarded course or grade credit nor do audits fulfill graduation
requirements in whole or in part.
5. A student cannot audit a course if already registered at course overload.
6. Successful Audit form is due in the Registrar's Office by the last day to add a course in the term
the course is being offered. A student wishing to drop an audited course must do so before the
last day to drop a course during that term.
7. Student cannot audit an IS/IR or Internship.
8. Successful Audits are not allowed during Summer School.
9. Dual registration for this course is not allowed (i.e. registered for credit and audit)
10. If registered for this course graded and switching to audit, fill out this form and turn it in with a
drop slip by the last day to drop a course.
To be completed by student. State why you wish to audit this course below:
To be completed by instructor. Outline specific work* to be done by the student in order to
successfully audit the course below:
*Will the student need to write the same number of papers required of other students in the class, take all tests and final
exam(s), read all books, attend regularly? Be specific on work required in order for the student to audit course successfully.
Office use only
Audit reviewed by Registrar: