Virginia Military Institute
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Last Name First Name Initial Major Class Year VMI ID#
College you plan to attend:________________________________ Address:__________________________
Term of attendance:__________ System: Semester Quarter Other:_________________
Name of Advisor(s):_______________________________________________ Dept(s):_________________
If any of the requested approvals are internet-based courses, please identify:____________________________
(NOTE: Internet based courses are NOT allowed while cadets are simultaneously enrolled at VMI.)
Please complete and attach a description of all courses you plan to take. To assure transferability all courses must be pre-approved.
Course Title
VMI Equivalent
Course Number
Department Head
1) Attach to this form a marked up copy of the college catalog (or copies of the appropriate pages) showing the course(s) you wish to substitute for
VMI courses and submit to the appropriate department head for approval. NOTE: Only courses from regionally accredited institutions will
be accepted for transfer.
2) The original of the form may be requested by the college you plan to attend as proof of good standing and certification of transferability.
3) Request that an official transcript of your grade(s) be sent to the VMI Registrar’s Office, 303 Shell Hall, Lexington, VA 24450 when you have
completed the course(s). In order to transfer hours to VMI, a grade of "C" or better must be earned in the course (Pass/Fail will not be
accepted.) Grades are posted to the VMI record; however, quality points are NOT averaged into the VMI GPA.
4) Summer, winter session and internet course transfer credit is limited to 18 semester hours during your cadetship. If you plan to take these
courses during these periods, how many hours have you already transferred? _______
5) Approval of transfer credit does not automatically mean that the courses will improve your academic standing. If you need to earn credit or
hours for readmission, you should contact your academic advisor directly and request an assessment of your academic history be conducted.
6) ATTENTION GRADUATES: Cadets using transfer credit to meet degree requirements are required to submit transcript of grade received
by the VMI published deadline specified for all graduate grades. Cadets are responsible to coordinate that grades are sent and received by the
specified deadline. Cadet graduation eligibility will be moved to the next certification period for any cadet whose grade is not received by the
published deadline.
The above-named student is in good standing at the Virginia Military Institute and wishes to earn credit for the courses shown.
The above-named student attended the Virginia Military Institute and wishes to earn credit for readmission or graduation.
APPROVED:_________________________________ _________ RECEIVED BY:_____________________
Department Head Approval (of Cadet's Major) Date Registrar's Office
COPIES TO: Cadet (including original w/seal for the school attending if certification of transferability is required),
Department Head of Major, MAJ Phelps, Cadet File Updated 6/18