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This Registration Scheme aims to improve contact and support for all practitioners working towards
COSCA Counsellor Accreditation.
Please contact the COSCA Development Officer regarding eligibility for Registering on the Scheme
What is the Registration Scheme for?
Registering is an important aid for everyone involved.
- It helps the Development Officer to keep in touch with you to provide any support or guidance
you may need
- Enable you to be aware of any timeframe you are working to
- help you define your aims and stay focused on your personal/professional goals
- ensures that any potential difficulties or gaps in your experience can be addressed at an early
- ensures that you keep upto-date with any changes in the guidelines (they are reviewed
regularly and may be subject to change).
Who can register?
- Anyone who is working as a counsellor, and meets or will meet the required criteria set out in
the COSCA Counsellor Accreditation Guidelines, at the time of submitting an application, can
register onto the Scheme.
- Practicing counsellors require to have the minimum of COSCA Practitioner Membership. If
you are not already a Practitioner Member, you can work towards this whilst registered on the
Accreditation Registration Scheme.
How to Register onto the Accreditation Registration Scheme
Complete the attached Registration Form and return it to the COSCA office with your payment.
The process to COSCA Counsellor Accreditation
The usual stages for Accreditation are:
Register ~ complete and submit a registration form
Attend ~ book yourself onto a COSCA Accreditation Workshop
Develop ~ create and develop your written portfolio for submission
Apply ~ submit a Counsellor Accreditation application to COSCA.
How long from Registration to accreditation?
Registration onto the Scheme declares the intention to accredit and encourages you to do so within
a given timeframe.
Working towards Counsellor Accreditation should take no longer than 5 years and often much less
time than that. It depends on how much experience you have, the amount of work involved in
compiling the evidence required and how much time you can give to the process on a regular basis.
You will be asked and encouraged to set a submission date that suits you.
Charity Registered in Scotland No. SC018887
Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in Scotland No. 142360
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Your Application
There are two routes available when applying for Accreditation:
is designed to help counsellors without a qualification of diploma level or above to reach the
accreditation standards
for those who have at least a COSCA validated Diploma or equivalent).
You can develop your application using the criteria and standards set out in the guidelines for the
‘Combination’ or ‘Diploma’ routes – - Accreditation - Counsellor.
What are the costs of accreditation?
Registration and Initial Workshop: £25.00
Optional Developmental Workshops: £12.50
Accreditation Submission: £200.00
The £200 fee covers all the costs of processing your application, but not any costs that may be
incurred by you (or your supporting organisation, if you have one) in the process of accruing the
required evidence and completing the application.
On award of Accreditation, annual renewal of COSCA membership and COSCA Accreditation is
What help is available?
The COSCA Development Officer offers information and support for everyone working towards
becoming accredited as a counsellor. There are Initial workshops run 6 monthly, the first one of
which is free. You can contact the Development Office to help keep you on track so that you can
meet the timescales you have set for submitting your application.
What are the aims of an accreditation workshop?
An accreditation workshop is aimed at providing information to help you decide when you will be
able to apply, and to explain the process of application. You are encouraged to attend an
accreditation workshop within 6 months of registering. Accreditation workshops will also help you
to explore specific aspects of the application process. You may attend as many accreditation
workshops as you like, for which there will be a small charge for each one. Accreditation workshops
can be offered on any particular aspect of the process if there is enough interest. However, please
alert the Development Officer if you have any specific needs and/or requests.
What happens if I decide not to submit an application?
Please inform the Development Officer if, for any reason, you decide not to progress your
application for accreditation. Your details will be taken off the COSCA Accreditation Registration
database. Any other notes or records will be held confidentially for a period of time before being
The next 2 pages make up the registration form.
Charity Registered in Scotland No. SC018887
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COSCA (Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland)
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First Name(s):
Post Code:
Email Address:
Telephone Number(s):
Details of Independent Practice (if relevant):
Name and contact details of organisation for whom you work (if relevant):
Date received
£25 fee enclosed
Membership checked
Renewal date
Action taken
Charity Registered in Scotland No. SC018887
Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in Scotland No. 142360
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To be eligible to apply for COSCA Counsellor Accreditation, you require to have a
minimum of COSCA Practitioner membership.
If you are not currently a member of COSCA, please see -
Membership Individuals for information on membership categories and criteria and
membership application forms.
Current member of COSCA (if appropriate) YES NO
Membership category:
Membership number:
Please provide a summary that describes your work and what services/type of
counselling you offer.
Supporting Statement
I wish to apply for the DIPLOMA / COMBINATION route (please delete where applicable)
I wish to register for the COSCA Counsellor Accreditation Scheme and agree to:
Become and/or remain a COSCA member
Gather all the evidence required to support my application for Counsellor Accreditation
Pay the £25 registration fee
Renew my membership annually
Pay the subsequent £200 fee that will be required, when I submit my accreditation
Please print name
Charity Registered in Scotland No. SC018887
Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in Scotland No. 142360
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Payment of COSCA Registration Fee:
Via BACs:
Clydesdale Bank PLC
Sort Code: 82 68 05
Account Number: 70174110
Account Name: COSCA (Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland)
Date Paid to Bank and Reference Used:
Enclose cheque for £25.00 (Payable to COSCA (Counselling & Psychotherapy in
Require an Invoice (£2.00 service charge)
Invoice details:
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