Teacher Candidate: ____________________________________ Week of: _______________________
Explanation: This form is designed to offer a basis for analysis of instruction. It may be used as a discussion format or as an aid
for note taking during the observation. At least once a week, the cooperating teacher and teacher candidate should meet to
assess professional growth. Please circle the area of discussion in each category and summarize the discussion points.
(Electronic version available on the WLC Teacher Education website.)
A. Professional Attitude and Manner
Working relationships
Acceptance of constructive criticism
General attention to appearance of self, room
and materials
B. Instructional Procedures
Content knowledge
Clarity of objectives; assessment of outcomes
Variety of questioning; addressing levels of
Assessment strategiesvaried and ongoing
Multiple stimuli utilized
Appropriate materials and strategies
Learning modalities and styles addressed
C. Communication Skills and Human Relations
Listening skills
Oral/written directions
Interpersonal skills for situational demands
Rapport with students, etc.
D. Classroom Management
Atmosphere of respect and conducive to
Behavior expectations
Assessment of critical times (beginning, ending
or transitional points of the lesson)
Anticipation of “problem” or challenging areas of
the class period
Development of repertoire of strategies
Use of class time
E. Other
Recommended focus for next week: _______________________________________________________________
Cooperating Teacher Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: ____________
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