OA 200 (02/10/2018)
PURPOSE: Use this form to record transportation of passengers under contract for prearranged trips.
INSTRUCTIONS: Complete all blocks on this form for each trip. Trip Sheet must be in the vehicle during the trip. File and maintain completed
forms for three years. See complete operational requirements on the back of this form.
Date of Pick-Up
Time of Pick-Up Passenger/Group Name Origin Destination
OA 200 (02/10/2018)
Instructions and Operational Requirements
Contract Passenger Carriers are required to carry a copy of a trip sheet, contract order, or wireless text dispatching device in the
vehicle during all trips, and maintain copies at their place of business for three years. All trip sheets, contract orders or
documentation produced by wireless text dispatching devices must contain the name of the group being transported, origin and
destination of trip, and date and approximate pick-up time.
This form may be used to comply with this requirement if you do not use a contract order or wireless text dispatching device.
Complete all blocks on this form for each trip.
Carry the trip sheet in the vehicle during the trip.
File and maintain trip sheets at your place of business for three years.
Make trip sheet immediately available to any of the following upon request:
o Law enforcement
o Airport authority
Conduct trips that are PREARRANGED under a contract made with a group through a representative of the group.
Contract with groups for at LEAST a one-hour time period, even if the trip lasts less than one hour. No other group(s)
may be transported during the time frame of the contract.
Provide your service to the general public without discrimination.
Ensure the number of your certificate appears in any advertisement for your services. Advertisements for your services
may not contain untrue, misleading, or deceptive information.
Maintain a surety bond or irrevocable letter of credit in the amount of $25,000; must be kept in effect for 3 years from the
issue date of the operating authority certificate.
You may not station your vehicle(s) in front of or across the street from a hotel/motel, or within 100 feet of a taxicab stand
without a completed trip sheet or contract order in the vehicle(s), or a written agreement with an airport authority or hotel/
motel owner providing office space for your business at the airport/hotel/motel.