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Revised 10.2.2019
After School Junior High Sports Program
The following is an Agreement between the City of Los Altos, California, hereinafter referred to as
"City" and the independent contract coach named below for the purpose of providing a service
requiring specific knowledge and/or technical qualifications. The City shall pay coach for all
services to be performed by coach hereunder; terms described below.
1. PROGRAM FORMAT - The City of Los Altos Recreation Department, in cooperation
with the Los Altos Elementary School District, provides for an after-school sports program
at both Blach and Egan Junior High Schools. Blach and Egan participate in the Valley
Junior High School Athletic League, which includes schools in Los Altos, Mountain
View, Sunnyvale, Cupertino and Saratoga.
2. Coach understands that City may cancel this Agreement at any time should enrollment
be insufficient, or should funds or facilities become unavailable, or should the Coach
fail to perform the services to the satisfaction of the City and that the City shall not be
liable for compensation to the Coach for the remainder of the Agreement should be
3. It is understood and agreed that the Coach, in the performance of this contract, is an
independent contract coach and not an employee of the City of Los Altos. Coach
understands that he/she also represents the Los Altos School District when on their school
premises or escorting their students to away games.
4. LIABILITY - Coach agrees to be solely responsible for all hazards, damages and injuries,
which Coach, or his or her property, may receive in the course of performing this contract,
and waives all rights, whether known or unknown, to claim damages therefore from the City
of Los Altos or its officers, agents or employees.
5. Coach further agrees to defend, indemnify and hold the City of Los Altos and its
officers, agents and employees, free and harmless from any liabilities, claims or damages
caused by, arising out of, or in any relation to the performance by Coach of services or
otherwise relating to or arising from this Agreement.
6. Coach understands the City of Los Altos has no accident or Worker's Compensation
insurance for persons performing services as and independent Coach.
7. TERM Coach agrees to accurately complete a contract per sport and provide it to the
Sport Coordinator at your school site prior to the beginning of the designated season. The
term of the contract shall be the length of the sport season scheduled by the Valley Junior
High School Athletic League, including all finals should the team advance.
Recreation & Community
Services Department
400 University Ave.
Los Altos, CA 94022
(650) 947-2790
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Revised 10.2.2019
8. PAYMENT City shall pay Coach the specified sum of $1,000 per season and sport as agreed
upon and indicated in this contract. City shall mail payment within two weeks of the last
day of the regular season.
9. FINGERPRINTING All coaches must be fingerprinted before the start of the contracted
season. Season starting dates will be provided by the Athletic Director at your school site. All
coaches, regardless of School District employment, are required to be fingerprinted with the
City. Fingerprints will be valid during consecutive coaching years and only coaches who have
taken more than one year (12 months) between coaching, will need to be fingerprinted again.
The City shall pay for fingerprinting fees. Contract is not valid until coaches fingerprints have
been cleared by the City.
10. RESPONSIBILITIES Coach is responsible for performing the following tasks and direct
all questions to the Athletic Director.
Attend Informational Meeting prior to start of season
Hold try-outs and make cuts if necessary
Submit final sports roster to Athletic Director
Hold practice sessions on non-game days
Be responsible for athletes at all times
Report scores in official scorebooks and submit to Athletic Director
Bring a First Aid kit/accident reports to all practices and away games
Report any facility damage or player injuries to Athletic Director within 24 hours
Coordinate awards at end of season
Measure athletes for C teams
Oversee the appropriate use of facilities and equipment, game operations and the safety and
security of players.
11. COMMUNICATION - All communication regarding the Junior High Sports Program at
Blach and Egan Junior High Schools should be handled through the supervising Athletic
Director at your school site. If you have additional inquiries that they cannot address, please
contact the Program Coordinator contact information is below:
City of Los Altos Recreation &
Community Services Department
ATTN: Lisa Stamps - Junior High Sports
Physical Address: 400 University Ave.
Los Altos, CA 94022
Mailing Address: 1 N. San Antonio
Rd. Los Altos, CA 94022
PHONE: 650.947.2727
FAX: 650.947.2738
Recreation & Community
Services Department
400 University Ave.
Los Altos, CA 94022
(650) 947-2790
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Revised 10.2.2019
After School Junior High Sports Program
An incomplete signature page may lead to a delay in payment. Please complete in full.
Person Rendering Special Services Contract Coach at: [ ] Blach [ ] Egan
First Name ____________________________ Last Name_________________________________
E-mail _________________________________________________________________________
Day Phone: ______________________________ Eve Phone: _____________________________
Address ______________________________ City______________________ Zip_____________
I am currently employed by the: [ ] Los Altos School District
[ ] Other ___________________________ [ ] MVLA Union High School District
Please Mark Gender: [ ] BOYS [ ] GIRLS Mark Level: [ ] 7
[ ] 8
Please Mark Sport: [ ] Volleyball [ ] Softball [ ] Basketball [ ] Cross Country
[ ] Wrestling [ ] Soccer [ ] Track & Field
PAYMENT: [ ] $1,000 [ ] Other: $______ Reason: ________________________________
Sport Season: Start Date ________________________End Date__________________________
I understand and agree to all the above terms and conditions, as well as those found in the Coaches
Manual, as it pertains to my coaching position:
Signature of Coach ________________________________________ Date __________________
Athletic Director _________________________________________ Date __________________
Recreation Coordinator ______________________________________ Date __________________
For Office Use Only
Contract Received __________________ Contract Processed for Payment ___________________
District Employee_______________________________________________________________
On File: [ ] W-9 Tax Form [ ] Proof of TB Test [ ] Fingerprinting Results
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