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Student Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________
LSSU ID: A _____________________________________ Bay College ID: _______________________________
Students complete this form EVERY SEMESTER:
Financial aid is received ONLY from LSSU (code must be listed on FASFA: 002293)
Must have at least 88 credits transferred to LSSU or an associate degree completed
All courses must be required for your degree at LSSU
Submit form after registering for all classes (both at Bay & LSSU, if applicable)
Semester appl
ying for financial aid:
Fall Semester Due by July 1
Spring Semester Due by November 20
Summer Semester Due by April 10
Year applying for aid:
Total credits enrolled in for upcoming semester:
LSSU credit hour(s)
Bay College credit hour(s) (note: credits must
apply towards LSSU bachelor degree)
Select one:
88 Credits transferred to LSSU
Associate’s degree completed
Completing t
he form for the first time?
Yes, see attachment requirements below
Financial Aid Quest
Amount of aid received from Bay College: $ _______________________
Type (ex: scholarship): _______________________
Eligible for the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver?
Yes, see attachment requirements below
Eligible for any other tuition reimbursement/waiver (i.e. from employer, National Guard, MI Works, Voc. Rehab, Veteran’s benefits)?
Attachments Required:
Bay College unofficial transcripts (use "printer friendly" option and attach entire transcript)
Must show degree date awarded OR 88 credits earned
o If degree awarded from different institution, provide transcripts or photocopy of
If first time eligible for additional tuition reimbursements/waivers: Provide appropriate
If first time eligible at LSSU for Michigan Indian tuition waiver: Complete MITW application
As a consortium student, I authorize the appropriate staff members of the financial aid, business, registrar and regional center offices at Lake Superior State
University and Bay College to exchange information on my application, discuss my financial aid and provide each other with necessary academic information, such as
hours attempted, hours completed, and course grades each semester so that satisfactory progress can be determined. I understand federal financial aid requires
attendance in each class in which I receive aid. I further understand that to qualify for a 100% withdrawal and any tuition refund where appropriate at LSSU, I must
drop all of my classes at both institutions and may be required to repay my federal financial aid. I authorize Bay College to submit a copy of my transcript to LSSU
each semester for Satisfactory Progress monitoring and record keeping purposes.
Student signature ____________________________________________________________ Date: ___________________________
***If you do not have an associate’s
degree or 88 credits transferred to
LSSU, you are ineligible for the
consortium agreement for the
Sept 2018