1. Meet with your Antioch advisor to determine what classes at other colleges will transfer to your program
at Antioch. For credits to be transferable:
a. The college must be regionally accredited
b. Courses must be numbered 100 or above for undergraduates; 500 or above for graduates.
c. The grade earned must be a C or better for undergraduates; B or better for graduates.
d. An official transcript must be sent to the Registrar at AUS upon completion of the course(s).
e. For undergraduates, the AUS transfer credit policy allows a maximum of 120 lower division
transfer credits (100-299 courses).
f. For graduate students, consult with your advisor and department on the transfer credits allowed
as the maximum permitted varies by for each program.
2. Complete Section II of the consortium agreement with your advisor and submit it to the AUS Financial
Aid Office. Be sure that both you and your advisor sign the page, and that you have listed the course
number(s), name(s), and the total number of credits you plan to take.
3. Register for the same courses at the host college. Submit a copy of the registration statement to the
AUS Financial Aid Office.
4. Make arrangements to pay your tuition at the host college. Some colleges will wait until you receive
your financial aid refund from AUS. If the host college cannot wait for you to receive your refund, you
are responsible for paying your tuition by the host college’s payment deadline. Please note that
Antioch will not pay your tuition or transfer funds to your host college. If you
have questions about the timing or amount of your refund, please contact the AUS Financial Aid Office.
5. Once the AUS Financial Aid Office receives your completed consortium agreement and registration
statement, your financial aid will be reviewed and adjusted, if necessary, based on the total number of
credits you are taking at Antioch and the host college.
Please note that the agreement and proof of registration must be received by the AUS financial aid office by
the last day to add credits at AUS (as published by the Registrar). Late agreements will not be accepted.
6. If you drop any courses, you must notify the AUS Financial Aid Office immediately.
7. After completion of your course(s), submit an unofficial grade transcript to the AUS Financial Aid Office
to avoid any delays of financial aid for the following quarter. When you are ready to transfer credits to
Antioch, request an official transcript from the host college and submit it to the AUS Registrar’s Office.
Between Antioch University Seattle and
Name of Host College
Antioch University and the college named above are herein entering into a consortium agreement for:
Name of Student _____________________________ Email Address ____________________________________________
Telephone # _________________________________ Antioch Student ID# _______________________________________
1) For which quarter are you completing this form? (Students must complete this form for each quarter for which they wish
to receive financial aid under a consortium agreement)
Summer Fall Winter Spring Year ___________
2) I will register for __________ credits at Antioch University Seattle and __________ credits at the Host College.
3) Check the following box if you need to be reported as a full-time student in order to receive Veteran’s Benefits: Yes
Section I Student Criteria
The Student Must:
Take courses at the host college that are transferable to their degree program at AUS.
Be enrolled in a degree-granting program at AUS and be making satisfactory academic progress as specified by the AUS
Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.
Submit this form along with a copy of their registration from the host college to the host Financial Aid Office.
Submit a copy of the grade transcript from the host college at the completion of the quarter.
NOT be receiving financial aid at the host college.
Section II Classes to be taken at the Host College
Please complete the section below for all courses and make sure to include course number, name and amount of credits:
Course Number Course Name Number of Credits .
_________________ _________________________________ ______________________________
_________________ _________________________________ ______________________________
_________________ _________________________________ ______________________________
Total Credits ______________________________
________________________________________ ____________
Student Signature Date
________________________________________ ____________
Academic Advisor’s Signature Date
Academic Department
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