I hereby acknowledge that I am employed in a position of trust and in the course of carrying out,
performing and fulfilling my duties I will have access to and will be entrusted with confidential
information concerning the business and/or employees of the University.
For good and valuable consideration I strictly covenant and agree that all confidential information of the
University disclosed to me in connection with my employment shall be held in the strictest confidence
and that I shall not, during my employment with Carleton University or at any time thereafter,
communicate or disclose to any person, firm, organization, association or entity whatsoever other than
Carleton University’s qualified employees, any confidential information or other private affairs of the
Employer. Nor shall I make use of such information for my personal use or benefit or for the use or
benefit of any other person, firm, organization, association, University or entity whatsoever other than
Carleton University, or assist others in so doing.
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