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location must have a current fire-performance venue permit
Fire performances are not allowed until the venue has been approved by the Fire Marshal’s Office.
Violation of the following requirements or of requirements listed in Grants Pass Department of Public
Safety Fire Performance Art Permit may result in a citation.
Policy Fire Performance Art Permit includes information regarding: space considerations,
extinguishing agents, personal safety, fuels, wicks, clothing
, smoking, the audience, the permit, and
Property/business owner’s written permission must be secured prior to the permit being issued.
Gasoline is prohibited under any conditions.
Additional conditions:
Applicant’s Name
Applicant’s Signature
Inspector’s Name
Inspector’s Signature
Date Permit Effective:
Date Permit Expires:
Grants Pass Department of Public Safety Fire Prevention Bureau
101 NW A Street
Grants Pass, Or. 97527
Phone: 541-450-6200
Permit # FAP
Date Rec’d:
App, By
Property owner’s written permission presented
Annual Permit
One time performanc
Zip Code:
Applicant Name:
E-mail Address:
Date of Birth
** Provide copy of State ID Card as proof of age **
Ver 8-29-19
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1. The performance artist shall have the conditional use permit, state issued photo ID and a copy of Fire
Performance Art Permit Policy readily available at each performance.
2. A 20-foot distance shall be maintained between the fire-involved item and any member of the audience or
any combustible item within the immediate performance area.
a. When multiple performers are within a performance area, boundaries must be expanded by 5’
from all audience areas or combustible materials.
3. The perimeter boundary should be marked and secured.
4. Two safety personnel shall be designated for each performance, one must maintain the perimeter, and
the other’s sole function is to act as aspotter” and provide safety through constant monitoring of the
performance, audience, and fuel storage area. NOTE: Additional spotters/safety personnel may be
required under certain circumstances.
a. Spotters should be trained in first aid measures for burns and be knowledgeable in the use of, and
have ready access to, fire extinguishers and extinguishing agents.
b. Spotters will have direct access to at least one 5-gallon, open-topped bucket of water, minimum ¾
full, to cool accidental burns.
c. At least one 2A-10BC minimum classification fire extinguisher is required in close proximity to each
d. Each spotter shall have at least one wet cotton towel (minimum size 15” x 24”) or a wool or Nomex
blanket or Duvetyne readily available to extinguish the fire implement(s). The towel should be
white in color to differentiate its use from other towels that might be used to mop up flammable
or combustible liquid spills. Colored towels for mopping up flammable or combustible liquids
should be stored in a metal container with a tight fitting lid.
5. Devices and equipment shall be checked before every performance to ensure strength and integrity.
6. Excess fuel shall be removed from devices in an approved manner before they are ignited or used in front
of an audience. Fuel may be allowed in either the original container with the cap secured in place or in a
metal lidded liquid storage container, maximum one (1) gallon on site. Glass containers shall never be
used for storage of fuel.
7. The clothing of performers and spotters should be snug fitting and made of fire resistant materials or
natural fiber such as wool, leather, or cotton. Synthetic clothing shall not be worn.
8. Smoking shall be prohibited within the boundary of the performance and fuel storage areas.