Consent to the registration of
land as commonhold land
HM Land Registry
Any parts of the form that are not typed should be completed in black ink and in block capitals. If you need more room than is provided for
in a panel, use continuation sheet CS and attach to this form.
For information on how HM Land Registry processes your personal information, see our Personal Information Charter.
This consent will bind you and any successors in title. Before signing this form you
are strongly advised to seek legal advice.
1. Details of the freehold land the subject of the application to become commonhold (“the land”)
Title number(s):
2. Details of the person giving consent and their interest in the land
Name of the consenter:
Details of the interest:
3. Declaration Place “X” in the appropriate box(es).
I understand that my charge will be extinguished as to the common parts on the vesting of those
common parts in the commonhold association.
I understand that my charge will be extinguished under section 22(4) of the Commonhold and
Leasehold Reform Act 2002.
I confirm that I have no interest which will be extinguished as a result of the application to
register land as commonhold land.
I understand that my interest will be extinguished under section 7(3)(d) or section 9(3)(f) of the
Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002.
4. I, as [registered proprietor]
[beneficial owner] [trustee/personal representative of the registered proprietor] [Delete as
appropriate] of the above interest, consent to the registration of the land as a freehold estate in
commonhold land.
5. Signature of person giving the
consent or their conveyancer Date
NOTE: This consent is valid for a period of 12 months beginning with the date that
the consent was given. It cannot be withdrawn once the commonhold application is
lodged for registration.
© Crown copyright (ref: LR/HO) 05/18
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