INSTRUCTOR’S DROP FORM -- to be completed and signed by the instructor
(please print clearly, using a blue or black pen)
Student Information:
Entire Student AHC Number:
Last Name
First Name
Course Reference Number-CRN
Course Title (mandatory)
todays date
Instructor’s Signature: (mandatory)
Reason for dropping the student (please check one box):
No show (never attended the course)
Non-attendance (stopped attending the course)
Include the date the student last attended the course (mandatory):
Instructions for dropping a student from a class:
1. Enter ALL requested student information incomplete forms will be returned to you unprocessed.
2. Sign, date, and return this form to Community Education in Building S, Santa Maria campus, by the drop
deadline. Please verify drop deadline via your class roster.
3. List only one student and one course per form.
4. Line through the students name on your class roster; indicate the date of withdrawal on the class roster.
For students who stopped attending: Please make sure that the student's attendance hours have been
entered via the Weekly Positive Attendance Reporting (WPAR) prior to submission of the instructors drop
form. Positive attendance (PA) hours entered up to the drop date will remain in the system. However,
instructors won't be able to enter any more PA hours for the student once the student is dropped.
For instructors using the regular “Final Grades" link (TBA lab classes), the PA hours accumulated up to the
drop date will be lost.
As per Title 5 §55024 and §58004, instructors shall clear their class rosters of inactive students: students identified as "no
show" or students who stopped attending the class.