Ability to Benefit Form
If you do not have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent, you may still be eligible for financial aid through an option
called Ability to Benefit (ATB). To use this option, you must be enrolled in an eligible degree program and have
completed one of the ATB alternatives. The ATB alternatives are either successfully completing six college level credits
(without financial aid funding) OR receiving passing ATB test scores.
You must complete and sign this worksheet, attach required documents and submit them to the Financial Aid Office in
order to be considered for financial aid funding through this process. This form must be approved by the Financial Aid
Office. Additional information may be required.
1. Student Information
Last Name First Name M.I. SSN
2. Eligible Degree Program
Please select the degree program you are enrolled in from the list below. If the program you are enrolled in is not
listed below, you are not in an eligible program.
Automotive Technology
Business Management
Business Technology
Carpentry Technology
Criminal Justice
Diesel Technology
Early Childhood Education
Human Services
Medical Assistant
Natural Resources - Forestry Technician
Occupational Entrepreneurship
3. ATB Alternative
You must complete one of the following alternatives. Please check the box for the option that applies to you, and
attach any requested documentation.
I have successfully completed 6 or more college level credits. (Note: if credits were completed at another college,
please attach unofficial transcripts).
I have successfully taken and passed all sections of an ATB test and have attached my scores to this form.
*Please note, the ATB test is a FREE test and is different from the College Placement Test. For information on
how to take the ATB test at GHC, please contact the testing center at 360-538-4049.*
4. Certification and Signature
By signing this worksheet, I certify that all of the information reported on it is complete and correct. I also acknowledge
that if I change my program of study to a program that is ineligible for ATB, I will become ineligible for financial aid and
may be billed for any aid received while in the ineligible program.
Student Signature Date
Financial Aid Office, 1620 Edward P Smith Dr, Aberdeen, WA 98520 (360) 538-4081 Fax: (360) 538-4293 Revised: 12/03/2018