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Planning, Zoning & Historic Preservation Division | Department for Community Sustainability
City of Lake Worth Beach | 1900 2
Avenue North | Lake Worth Beach, FL 33461
COA CHECKLIST Windows & Doors
WINDOWS & DOORS: Please contact the Preservation Planner for details and to determine whether
your project will require administrative review or review by the Historic Resources Preservation
Board. If the proposed project involves a rental or commercial property, the Applicant shall provide a
copy of a valid Business Tax Receipt for the subject property.
A minimum of one (1) hard copy of the following materials are required as applicable to your project
type in order for the application to be deemed complete and sufficient to present to the appropriate
decision making authority. Additional copies may be required as specified below. An electronic copy of
all application materials is required for Board reviewed projects.
Mandatory Pre-Application Meeting for all Board reviewed projects
Date of Meeting:
Application Fee(s): $
Notice Sign (for Board meetings):
*NOTE: Additional fees may apply.
Instruction a. Photos of all exterior building elevations clearly labeled N, S, E, W; and labeled to identify
the item represented by each photo. Example: (Window 1: North elevation upper casement
windows; Door 1: North elevation wooden four panel door, etc.)
Instruction b. Close-up photo of each item to be replaced to demonstrate the existing material type and
color, labeled as in instruction a.
Drawings: Refer to EXAMPLE Drawing (Floor Plans & Schedule) (pg 2)
Floor plan drawings labeled to indicate the existing window and door layout, as in instruction a.
Drawings to indicate proposed divided light and/or panel configuration (if any), and clearly
labeled as in instruction a: Window 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. Door 1, etc.
Proposed Product
1 Color brochure or color image(s) of each of the replacement material(s). Applicant shall indicate
the style, size, material, type, and color for each proposed product, labeled as in instruction a.
1 copy of a valid NOA for each product requested labeled as in instruction a.
1 copy of the product quote with the visible light transmittance (VLT) of the glazing clearly
indicated. All glazing shall be clear, non-reflective and without tint. Low-E (low emissivity) is
allowed but the glass shall have a minimum 70% visible light transmittance (VLT) measured
from the center of glazing. Glass tints or any other glass treatments shall not be combined with
the Low-E coating to further diminish the VLT of the glass.
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Planning, Zoning & Historic Preservation Division | Department for Community Sustainability
City of Lake Worth Beach | 1900 2
Avenue North | Lake Worth Beach, FL 33461
Additional Guidelines for Alterations (Section 23.5-4(k)2)
In approving or denying applications for certificates of appropriateness for alterations, the City shall also consider
the following additional guidelines:
A. Is every reasonable effort being made to provide a compatible use for a property that requires
minimal alteration of the building, structure or site and its environment, or to use the property for its
originally intended purpose?
B. Are the distinguishing original qualities or character of a building, structure or site and its environment
being destroyed? The removal or alteration of any historic material or distinctive architectural features shall
be avoided whenever possible.
C. When a Certificate of appropriateness is requested to replace windows or doors, the HRPB or development
review officer, as appropriate, shall permit the property owner's original design when the City’s alternative
design would result in an increase in cost of thirty percent (30%) above the owner's original cost. The owner
shall be required to demonstrate to the City that:
(1) The work to be performed will conform to the original door and window openings of the structure;
(2) That the replacement windows or doors with less expensive materials will achieve a savings in excess
of thirty (30) percent over historically compatible materials otherwise required by these LDRs.
(3) If the applicant avails himself of this paragraph, the materials used must appear to be as historically
accurate as possible.