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If not, state reason:
Approved by:
Host Institution: Approved: _____ Yes _____ No
If not, state reason:
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March 2017
This form is used by a Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship (GGMS) recipient enrolled in a degree or certificate program at an one
eligible institution to request credits taken at a second eligible institution be counted toward minimum enrollment requirements for
the program. The “home” institution is the eligible college/university at which the student is enrolled in a program of study leading to
a recognized degree or certificate. The “host” institution is any eligible institution where the student may be co-enrolled in
coursework and the credits will be transferred back to the home institution. A co-enrolled student must be enrolled in a minimum of 12
credits between both institutions. [NRS 396.930, Sec. 1(e)(3)]
Student Instructions:
Step 1: Register for the courses at both institutions.
Step 2: Complete the following information and submit this form to the Financial Aid Office of your home institution, along with
supporting documentation that demonstrates the courses you are enrolled in at the host institution will count toward your program
of study at your home institution.
Step 3: The Financial Aid Office of the home institution will notify the host institution of your co-enrollment. The host institution will
remit your scholarship for the coursework at that institution and forward this form to the Treasurer’s GGMS Office.
Student Name:
Home Institution: Total credit hours funded this semester:
Host Institution: Total credit hours funded this semester:
Semester/Year: Program of Study:
This form must be submitted prior to the end of the semester for which you are seeking funding.
If approved, I understand that I will be paid my Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship by each institution for the credits taken at
that campus at the appropriate per credit amount.
I understand that I must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits between both institutions, but I can receive funds for a maximum
of 15 credits between both institutions for a single semester.
I must maintain a 2.60 semester GPA each semester during my first year of enrollment (first year is defined as less than 30 credit
hours earned) or a 2.75 semester GPA for each semester thereafter (beginning with the first semester in which 30 credit hours
are earned) at both the home and host institutions. If I do not earn the required GPA at one of the two institutions while under
this co-enrollment agreement, I may request my home institution to calculate a combined GPA, which will include all courses
taken at both institutions during the semester of this agreement.
I understand that my eligibility status may not be correctly reflected on the Treasurer’s website until the end of the semester
when all records have been submitted and processed.
I understand credits taken at the host institution must meet the requirements of the degree or certificate I am pursuing at the my
home institution.
Failure to meet the requirements of this agreement will result in my ineligibility for the scholarship, and I must then follow the
procedure for reinstatement.
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