This form is to update the name of the registered owner in the register of title following a change of gender
and can only be used where you are able to provide the evidence mentioned in panel 2. Where you are
relying on any other form of evidence please see the Change of gender guidance notes for information
about how to make an application.
Any parts of the form that are not typed should be completed in black ink and in block capitals.
You, the applicant, must be a private individual and one of the registered owners of the property.
Please return this form marked Private
and Confidential to:
Citizen Team
(F.A.O. Integrity Manager)
Cwm Tawe
Phoenix Way
Include the full postal address
including the postcode.
Title number details can be obtained
from GOV.UK.
HM Land Registry may share, check
and verify the other information you
are providing with:
other government departments
and agencies
law enforcement agencies
other relevant organisations and
and access information relating to you
from the databases of the
organisations and bodies mentioned
above, for verification purposes, see
our Personal Information Charter.
If you provide either a New Birth
Certificate or Gender Recognition
Certificate as part of your application
we will not send a notification of the
change to your address.
If you provide a letter from a UK
Medical Practitioner we will send a
notice in the name that appears on the
register to guard against fraud and you
consent to our making contact with the
Medical Practitioner to confirm the
details provided.
If a Medical Practitioner’s letter is
supplied this will be retained by HM
Land Registry.
By providing the information requested
in this form you will be indicating your
agreement to HM Land Registry
processing your information in this
If you would like further information on
this privacy policy please email
Address and title number of the property
Title number:
Evidence of change of gender
One of the following original documents must be lodged with this
Gender Recognition Certificate OR
New Birth Certificate OR
UK Medical Practitioner’s letter
Specify the Medical Practitioner’s details below
Telephone number:
Email address:
The letter must confirm you have lived in your new gender for the
previous 2 years, or your change of gender is permanent or is
likely to be permanent, and are now known as the name you wish
recorded on the register as specified below.
In cases where a Medical Practitioner’s letter is supplied then by
submitting this application you consent to:
our contacting the named medical practitioner to confirm the
details supplied in this application are correct; and/or
our serving notice of this application on the current name
which you want to remove from the register
Name to be removed from the register:
Name to be recorded in the register:
If you dishonestly enter information or
make a statement that you know is, or
might be, untrue or misleading, and
intend by doing so to make a gain for
yourself or another person, or to cause
loss or the risk of loss to another
person, you may commit the offence of
fraud under section 1 of the Fraud Act
2006, the maximum penalty for which
is 10 years’ imprisonment or an
unlimited fine, or both.
Provide the name of the person who is
applying to change the register.
Provide the address and phone
number (if any) of the person named in
panel 6. We will write to this address if
we need to contact them or to let them
know when we have changed the
This form, and any accompanying
supporting evidence, is automatically
excepted under rule 133 of the Land
Registration Rules 2003 (as amended)
from the public right of inspection.
Gender Recognition Certificate or New Birth Certificate to be
returned to
Name and address:
Name of applicant:
Address of applicant:
Phone No:
Signature of applicant named in section 4
If you need any help or further information or help completing the form please call 0300 006 0411.
Warning: Not completing all sections of this form may result in your application being returned.
© Crown copyright (LR/HO) 05/18
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