CNC Housing | Return Form for Current Students
Date Received
|dd |mm |yyyy |
|dd |mm |yyyy |
Room Offered
|dd |mm |yyyy |
Room Accepted
|dd |mm |yyyy |
$25 Receipt
Room #
3330 22
Avenue · Prince George BC · V2N 1P8 · p 250 561 5849 · tf 800 371 8111 · e
February 15
if returning in Summer or for Intersession (May-June)
April 15
if returning for Fall semester (August-September)
October 15
if returning for Spring semester (January)
Personal Information
|dd |mm |yyyy |
Previous dates on campus
|mm |yyyy to |mm |yyyy |
First Name
Personal email
Last Name
Cell phone
Room Preference assigned as per date of submission and availability | Defaults to Standard if room selection not available
Name of Program
1-2 Classes
3-5 Classes
Academic Standard | private room | shared washroom
Shared Washroom Preference
No preference
Large |
large private room | shared washroom | second level
I want to share with first & last name
Accessible |
large private room | shared washroom | main level
I identify as
Male Female Other
Private | large private room | private washroom
Check in/out before/after semester dates
per night $
per week
I will be returning
choose one
Fall and request to move in on
|dd |mm |yyyy |
The Housing office is always closed for check in on all statutory holidays, including Dec 24-26, Jan 1, and Labor Day
Room Assignment Process | Terms and Conditions
1. Rooms are assigned in Jun-Jul for Sept intake | Oct-Nov for Jan intake | Feb-Mar for May intake | or on a case by case basis
2. Security deposits are 1. not refunded between returning semesters 2. required to hold room 3. used against outstanding housing fees
4. to remain at a $250 balance 5. not refunded if room canceled or no contact received within 90 days of your return date
3. Valid email address must be provided | submit this form directly to | rooms are offered via email
4. Valid credit card number
intended method of payment must be indicated or application will not be processed
5. I have read the Community Standards Handbook within the last 4 weeks and understand all Housing policies and guidelines
6. I understand that smoking of any substance in rooms/lounges/on balconies, and disposing of butts on the ground is prohibited
7. I understand that open alcohol is: permitted inside rooms only, prohibited in all shared spaces or rooms where minors reside
8. I understand that room cleaning services are not provided and will keep my room/washroom clean and hygienic at all times
Payment Information $25 Non refundable Fee
Visa |
MasterCard | Visa-Debit and MasterCard-Debit not accepted
Name on Credit Card
Card Number
Authorizing Signature
typed signature accepted
In making this application, I have read or have had someone read to me, the contents of this application in its entirety, and agree to the terms,
conditions, and processes described within, and that all of the information I have provided is correct. I acknowledge that accommodation at the CNC
campus requires compliance with ALL Student and Housing policies, as well as policies and guidelines amended by CNC as necessary, and agree to abide by the
Community Standards, License Agreement, and all related policies, and if unable to do so, will make alternate living arrangements.
|dd |mm |yyyy |
Returning Student Full Name and Signature
This information is collected for the purpose of securing accommodations at CNC. Your privacy is protected under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, limiting how
your information may be used or disclosed. Please contact the Freedom of Information Coordinator, College of New Caledonia, at 250 561 5828.
This form is for students in 14+ week programs who plan to return to Housing after living off campus during their academic break.
To cancel your return form, you must contact the office immediately upon learning that your room is no longer required.
Cancelations within 45 days of your return are subject to a fee and may jeopardize any future applications.
rm Deadlines: