Application to
register a freehold estate
in commonhold land
HM Land Registry
Any parts of the form that are not typed should be completed in black ink and in block capitals. If you need more room than is provided for in
a panel, use continuation sheet CS and attach to this form.
For information on how HM Land Registry processes your personal information, see our Personal Information Charter.
1. Administrative area and postcode if known
2. This application affects Place “X” in the appropriate box.
unregistered land for which Form FR1 accompanies this application
the whole of the title number(s)
part of the title number(s)
3. If you have already made this application by outline application,
insert reference number:
4. If the application is for registration with unit-holders you must complete Form COV and lodge it
with this application
5. Application and fee To find out more about our fees visit
Registration of commonhold Fee paid £
Fee payment method: Place “X” in the appropriate box.
I wish to pay the appropriate fee payable under the current Land
Registration Fee Order:
by cheque or postal order, amount £ made
payable to “Land Registry”.
by Direct Debit under an authorised agreement with Land
Record of fee paid
Particulars of under/over payment
Fees debited £
Reference number
6. Documents lodged with this form Place “X” in the appropriate boxes. We shall retain any original document which is not
accompanied by a certified copy.
Certified copy of certificate of incorporation of commonhold association
Certified copy of any altered certificate of incorporation of commonhold association
Certified copy of articles of association of commonhold association
Two certified copies of commonhold community statement Director’s certificate
Form(s) CON1/Court order(s) Statement of truth
Telephone No.
Fax No.
8. Where you would like us to deal with someone else We shall deal only with the applicant, or the person lodging the application
if different, unless you place “X” against one or more of the statements below and give the necessary details.
Send title information document to the person shown below
Raise any requisitions or queries with the person shown below
Return original documents lodged with this form (see italic text in panel 6) to the person shown
If this applies only to certain documents, please specify.
Address/DX No.
Telephone No.
Fax No.
9. Full name(s) and address(es) for service of every applicant for entry on the register. The
address(es) will be entered on the register and used for correspondence and the service of notices.
You may give up to three addresses for service one of which must be a postal address but does not have to be within the UK. The other
addresses can be a combination of either a postal address, a box number at a UK document exchange or an electronic address. For a
company include company’s registered number, if any. For Scottish companies use an SC prefix and for limited liability partnerships use
an OC prefix before the registered number, if any. For foreign companies give territory in which incorporated.
10. Information in respect of any new charge
Do not give this information if an HM Land Registry MD reference is printed on the charge, unless the charge has been transferred.
Full name and address (including postcode) for service of notices and correspondence of the person to be
registered as proprietor of each charge. You may give up to three addresses for service. See panel 9 as to the details you should
Unless otherwise arranged with HM Land Registry Head Office, we require a certified copy of the chargee’s constitution (in English or
Welsh) if it is a body corporate but is not a company registered in England and Wales or Scotland under the Companies Acts.
11. Name, address(es) and company registration number of the commonhold association If it is not the
applicant. See panel 9 as to the details you should include.
12. Signature of applicant
or their conveyancer
The completion of this panel on the form is voluntary. No individual property or person will be
identified from the information given. The information will be used by Land Registry to improve its
forecasting and may be supplied to the Ministry of Justice. Place “X” in the appropriate box.
The property the subject of this application is
residential non-residential mixed
© Crown copyright (ref: LR/HO) 05/18
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