Student ___________________________________________________________ Date __________________________
Clinical Reviewer ________________________________________
Clinical Course _____________________________ Corresponding Course ____________________________________
The Clinical experience, and/or self-evaluation met the following:
(A) E =Exceptional Performance
Shows skills, perception, and/or creativity rarely exhibited by a clinical student
Astute and innovative integration of course and clinical requirements
Far exceeds expected requirements
(A-AB) H=High Performance
Shows higher-than-average skill, perception, and/or creativity
Exceeds expected requirements
(B-BC-C) A=Adequate Performance
Shows average skill, perception, and/or creativity
Meets expected requirements
(CD) I=Inadequate Performance
Shows less-than-average skill, perception, and/or creativity
Below expected requirements
(D-F) U=Unacceptable Performance
Shows little to no skill, perception, and/or creativity
May require clinical retake to receive education credit
50% Clinical Paper. Typed in-depth reflection of the prescribed guidelines, _____________
integrating course objectives with clinical application.
50% The ability to connect the course and the clinical _____________
(lesson planning/teaching/observation/forms).
Final Grade _____________
Copies to: Student file
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