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Document Information for: First Dist. Court of Appeals (“C” cases); Common Pleas Criminal (“B” cases);
Common Pleas Civil (“A” cases); Divorce (“DR” cases); Miscellaneous (“M” cases); Execution (“EX” cases);
Municipal Court Criminal (“CRA”, “CRB”, “TRD”, TRC”), Municpal Court Civil (“CV”)
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ber of pages OVER 100 per month = $
Total due = $
Copies must be paid before delivery of the request. If you are requesting documents through the mail, you
must include a money order along with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Redactions made pursuant to
either Ohio Law or Court order will be visibly marked. If records need to hand redacted, the above
mentioned paper costs will apply even if the record(s) are delivered electronically.
You may mail your request to:
Hamilton County Clerk of Courts
1000 Main Street, Room 315 Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
You may email your request to:
Phone: 513-946-5686
H/Document Request Criminal – With Payment Revised January 2020