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Florida College System institutions and state universities may waive up to six credit hours per term for teachers
employed full-time by a school district, including public charter school teachers. Qualified students may only enroll in
undergraduate courses in mathematics, science or special education. Eligibility for the waiver is on a space-available
By completing this form you are requesting approval from your school district to participate in this program.
Last Name: ________________________________ First Name: ___________________________ MI: _______
Name of School where you are a full-time Teacher __________________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________ City ________________________________________
State _____________________________________________ Zip Code ____________________________________
E-mail Address _____________________________________ Phone # _____________________________________
I am requesting a waiver for: Fall Winter Summer Year _____________
Course ID Name of Courses (Course Title) # Credit Hours
I, the undersigned, acknowledge the following:
My tuition and fee waiver will apply to no more than six credit hours per term.
I must register for classes during the classroom teacher registration period prescribed by Broward College.
All other charges/fees are my responsibility.
My ability to secure the courses I request depends on space availability.
NOTE: Participating employees should be aware that Broward College may require you to provide your social security
number to verify employment.
_______________________________________________________ _______________________________________
Employee Signature Date
School Authorization
I authorize the above named employee to participate in the Tuition and Fee Waiver for Classroom Teachers Program. I
certify that this employee is a full-time classroom teacher.
________________________________________________________ _______________________________________
Principal’s Name (Print) Signature
Phone# _________________________________________________ Date __________________________________
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