Rev 2/2017
California State University, Chico
(Please read the instructions on the back of this form)
Section to be completed by student in ink (please print): Date______________________________
___________________________ NAME:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Chico State ID Number Last First M.I.
LOCAL ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Number Street Room or Apt. No. City State Zip
LOCAL PHONE #:_______________________CELL PHONE #: _______________________ EMAIL ____________________________________________________________________________
Term: Fall Spring (Only accepted from the start of the Add/Drop Registration Period through the grade deadline for the fall or spring semester) active
CLASS ________________|________________|________________ UNITS:_________ If applicable, RELATED COMPONENT __________________________ ______________
Reg Number
Subject (ENGL) Number (130) Section (01) Reg Number Section (02)
STUDENT SIGNATURE OR PERSON REQUESTING ADD ACTION______________________________________________________________________________________________________
(Required after the 4
week of classes):___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
This section must be completed in ink and with original signatures:
Add for Audit
Add for Time Conflict
(swaps after the 2
week must be of the same class – section to section)
Swap the Above Class to Section ______ Reg Number
Change CR/NC Grading Option to Letter Grade
Change Grading Option to Audit
Other ____________________________________________________
Instructor: ____________________________________________ __ ________________________________________________________________ __________________________ Date
Print Name (Required) Signature
Dept. Chair: ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ _ Date __________________________
Print Name (Required after 4th week of classes) Signature
College Dean: ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Date __________________________
Print Name (Required after 4th week of classes) Signature
*Approval dates m
ore than 10 working days old will not be processed.*
Dean’s signature required to authorize before census add (5
week of the semester only) _____________________________________________ Date______________________________
Dean’s signature required to waive late fee for processing:
______________________________________________________________ Reason____________________________________
E REGISTRAR, Student Services Center 110, 530-898-5142
Rcpt #:
Processed by:
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his form is accepted for the regular state supported fall and spring semesters. We
accept this Add/Update Request form from the start of Add/Drop Registration Period through the
grade deadline for the active fall or spring semester.
The Add / Update Request form is used when a student is unable to add a class through the Student Center for reasons such as:
instructor/department consent required
department offering the class is unable to assist the student
class does not have an assigned Class Number in the schedule
swapping sections of the same class or to/from a honors section of a class
Requests to audit a class or change from CR/NC grading to a letter grade should also be submitted on the Add/Update Request form.
Signature Requirements
tudents are responsible for obtaining all of the required signatures as noted on the form and for the timely return of the form to the Office of the Registrar.
Instructor signature is required
After the fourth week of classes, instructor, chair and dean signatures are required
Change in Unit Load
If adding a class(es) results in additional charges on the students account, the student is responsible for paying the additional fees. Non-resident students and students who are
enrolled in 6 or fewer units should inquire about additional charges before submitting a request to add a class.
Returned/Unprocessed Forms
equests to add a class where the student has a registration hold, the student will exceed the number of allowable repeats, or the request is for a class for which a grade of
ncomplete exists, etc. will be returned to the student.
Unauthorized signature(s), signature stamps, signatures more than 10 working days old, and signature not in ink will be returned to the department for reprocessing.
Electing CR/NC Grading Option
tudents requesting to change the grading option for a class to CR/NC must complete the ELECTING COURSES FOR THE CREDIT/NO CREDIT (CR/NC) form. This form is
available at and in the lobby of the Office of the Registrar.
Processing Fee
Beginning the 6th week of classes, the Office of the Registrar will assess a late fee for processing Add/Update Request forms. The late fee is assessed according to the date the
form is received in the Office of the Registrar. Late forms sent through campus mail by academic departments will be processed and a registration hold placed on the student until
the late fee is paid.
The late fee may be waived by the College Dean or their designee, if they determine there was a failure to process the form because of an instructor, department, or college
representative error, prior to the late fee deadline. The late fee may also be waived by the University Registrar or designee in Office of the Registrar if medical evidence is
established or an institutional or administrative error occurred whereby the Add/Update Request was not processed correctly.
Fraudulent Signatures
raudulent forms will not be processed and will be turned over to Student Judicial Affairs for disciplinary action.
Open University Courses
tudents may not use the Student Center to enroll in Open University courses. To add or drop an Open University course, students must go to the Office of Regional and
Continuing Education (RCE).
Rev 2/2017