DATE: ________________________
ORIGINATING OFFICE/DEPARTMENT: _______________________________
Instructions: Miscellaneous revenue is to be transmitted DAILY to the University Cashier in the Student
Financial Services Office in 114 Becht Hall unless the reporting office/department has a fire resistant security
container. In this case, revenue is to be transmitted whenever the amount on hand is $100.00 or greater, or at
least on a weekly basis. Complete the record of payments below and send the original of this form, along with
the cash and/or checks to the University Cashier. Please keep a copy of this form for your records.
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SUBJECT: Miscellaneous Revenue Deposit Procedures
Miscellaneous revenue funds (cash and/or checks) are collected by several offices on campus for a variety of
activities and events. All of the funds collected as a result of these functions are delivered to the Cashier in
114 Becht Hall for deposit in the University bank account and to post the receipts in the appropriate SAP
finance system account. It is important that proper control procedures be followed during the collection,
holding, delivery and posting of these funds in order to reduce the risk of lost or stolen funds.
In order to provide adequate accountability for all funds collected by the University, the following procedures
are to be followed when transmitting funds to Student Financial Services in114 Becht Hall.
Miscellaneous revenue funds must be transmitted to the Cashier each day by 3:00 pm unless the office holding
the funds has a fire resistant security container, in which case the funds must be delivered either weekly or when
the amount on hand exceeds $100.00, whichever occurs first. No office may retain funds for more than one
week, regardless of the amount, and no office may retain more than $100.00.
Coin deposits should be transferred by sealed bag to the Cashier's Office for counting and deposit by a
department representative. Please contact the cashier’s office at x1071 to set up a mutually convenient time, as
the coins will need to be counted in the presence of the department representative. Please try to avoid large coin
deposits the week prior to term start and during the first week of classes, as we receive a higher volume of
student traffic during these times.
Venango coin deposits can be transferred by sealed bag via the Mail & Receiving Delivery personnel to the
Cashier's Office. A Computing S
ervices representative will need to be present when the bags are opened
and counted so please e-mail notification to Sharon Bauer
and Scott Bauer when Venango Campus coin deposits are being transported to Clarion.
Offices that collect miscellaneous revenue should use the attached Revenue Transmittal Form or a similar
form of choice that provides the same information. There should be two copies of the form completed with
one retained in the originating office and the other sent with the cash and/or checks delivered to the Cashier.
Upon delivery of the funds to the Cashier the person delivering the cash should wait for a confirmation count
of the funds by the Cashier. The Cashier will then provide a written receipt of the funds to the person
delivering the cash. The Cashier can not be held accountable for funds delivered to the Student Financial
Services Office when a confirmation count has not been completed in the presence of the person
delivering funds and/or a receipt has not been issued by the cashier.
All funds collected in the name of the University are considered to be University money and must be delivered
to the Cashier in the business office promptly. It is important to ensure the accurate accounting of all receipts.