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Rigging/Hoisting requirements04/13
The Plan Examiners' reserve the right to call for any other additional information at time of filing.
Rigging and Hoisting requirements:
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1. Complete and file Building Short Form (Hoisting Permit Type) per General Filing Instructions.
2. Equipment must be inspected and certified by the State of New York for "Safe Use'.
3. Equipment must be operated according to manufacturer's specifications.
4. Operator shall be licensed and certified by the State of New York.
5. Operator/Corporation generally engaged in the hoisting business as described in White Plains General Construction
Code -1a(16) shall be required to obtain a City of White Plains Annual Hoisting License.
6. Soil and site conditions must be evaluated for safe bearing of "out riggers".
7. Signed & sealed drawings and a separate Building permit is required for the placement of equipment that is not on a solid
bearing surface.
8. Site conditions must be evaluated and safeguards implemented to ensure protection of pedestrians, property, traffic and
utility services.
9. Applicant must obtain all necessary permits in addition to a hoisting permit before equipment can be operated.
( e.g. street opening , lane closure, mechanical ,electrical, general construction, etc.)
10. Applicant is responsible to provide qualified personnel as required by City Agencies for traffic control.
11. Equipment manifest must be made available on demand and kept inside equipment cab.
12. Mechanical and computerized equipment used for emergency shut-off must be tested before equipment can be operated.
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