P.O. Box K
Socorro, NM 87801
PHONE: 575-835-0240
FAX: 575-838-4027
Call City of Socorro Dispatch 575-835-1883 and Socorro Fire Department 575-835-3969
before you burn to confirm a burn day
This Application has been issued for the following dates: ______________to ___________
Name of property Owner
Phone Number of Owner
Address Of Burn
Materials to be Burned
Name of Burning Party
Phone Number
Fire Control Measures
Method of ignition
Applicant must notify City of Socorro Dispatch and the Socorro Fire Department prior to each burn to confirm approved burn
All burning must take place during the time period of 10:00am to 4:00pm
The wind direction at the site of the burn must be such that smoke will generally be carried away from public roads
and areas of human habitation.
All burning will cease when the atmospheric conditions are such that air stagnation advisory is issued for your area
by the U.S Weather Service.
All materials SHALL BE BURNED IN SMALL CONTROLABLE PILES, dry as possible and amount of dirt
must be minimized on material being burned.
NO GREEN TREES OR BRANCHES greater than 1” in diameter shall be burned.
No natural or synthetic rubber products or petroleum products shall be burned.
All applicable restrictions, codes, and ordinances (e.g. fire codes or ordinances), whether temporary or permanent,
of other governmental bodies must be complied with.
Do not set a fire and leave. You must be present at all times when conducting open burning until the fire is
completely extinguished.
You must have available any necessary equipment (i.e. water supply, water hose, shovel, etc.) to control the burn
and to put it out if the need arises.
The permit requester must be present at the burn site AT ALL TIMES during the burn period and must be in
possession of the issued burn permit.
This permit shall not be constructed to relieve you from liability from resulting damages or the obligation to comply
with federal, state, county, and/or local fire restrictions in place for the area where the burn will be conducted.
I understand that by obtaining the open burn permit does not relieve me of the responsibility of contacting dispatch
for approval prior to the burn.
I certify that I have knowledge of the facts herein set forth, that the same are true, accurate and complete to the best
of my knowledge and belief.
By initialing here I agree to the above______________
Applicant Signature __________________________________________Date_________________________________
Fire Department Signature___________________________________________Date___________________________
The City of Socorro reserves the right to cancel this permit at anytime if the public interest so warrants. If such action
occurs, any alternative method of disposal must be used. The holder of this permit is therefore cautioned and charged that
he/she and he/she alone, assumes full responsibility to exercise the utmost care and judgment before setting any fires. The
City of Socorro hereby disclaims any and all liability of itself or its agents that might be incurred by petitioner’s acts.
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