P.O. Box K
Socorro, NM 87801
PHONE: 575-835-0240
FAX: 575-838-4027
TO: _______________________________________
(Printed Records Custodian’s Name)
As provided for in the Inspection of Public Records Act, Section 14-2-1 through 14-2-16 1978
the City of Socorro and its employees who have in their possession public records are obligated
to make such records available upon proper request by third parties.
Please complete the following information:
I, ____________________________, _____________________________________________
(Printed Name) (Mailing Address)
_____________________ am requesting the following public records from the City of Socorro.
(Telephone Number)
Please include the date of the public records & name of records being requested.
I agree to pay the copying fees ($0.50 per page) associated with this request in accordance with
the City of Socorro. If the copying fees will exceed $25.00, please call me to discuss. I
understand that I may be asked to pay the fee for copies in advance of the copies being made if
the costs exceed $25.00. Please provide a receipt indicating the copying charges.
____________________________________________ ____________________________
Signature of Requester Date
(For Official Use Only)
Date of records will be provided: ___/___/___ Cost of providing copy of records: $___________
Signature of Records Custodian: