Property owners must provide a copy of the recorded deed or closing document. A tenant must provide a
valid lease agreement which must include name, address and phone numbers of lessor and lessee, lease
term dates, and signature pages signed by both lessor and lessee. Handwritten lease agreements must be
notarized. TAX ID # is required to establish services. IMPORTANT: Service will not be initiated until the
deposit requirement is paid.
Connect Date: ______/_______/_______
Service Address:
Applicant Name :
Driver’s License or ID#:
Commercial Name/DBA:
Tax ID #:
Business Phone#:
Mobile Phone#:
Billing Address (if different from Service Address):
Email Address:
Owner/Contact Person (if different from applicant name):
Owner/Contact Phone#:
Type of Business (restaurant, car wash, hotel, etc.):
Check Here for Multi-Family/Apartments/Mobile Park [ ] Number of Units __________
I hereby apply for water and/or sewer services at the above address. Per City Ordinance Section 37-
37, commercial deposits will generally be comparable to two (2) months service of a commercial
business similar to applicant but no less than $75 while deposits for multi-family dwellings are $75 per
unit or twice the monthly charges if more than 15 units. I further understand that there will be a $30.00
non-refundable connect fee for each meter to cover maintenance and administrative costs related
to opening an account. In addition, I (we) am aware that I (we) don't need to be at the premises to
connect service, but if the dial on the meter is moving, the technician will turn the water off at the
meter as there may be leaks or open faucets and that if I (we) request for City staff to return to the
premises to turn the water on, there will be a $20.00 return trip fee. I (we) also understand that City
ordinance requires a written notice to terminate service and that I (we) am responsible for paying all
amounts due for services up to the date of receipt of such notice by the City.
Applicant Signature: __________________________________________ Date: ____________________________
For Office Use Only: CSR/CSR#: __________________________________ Account# _________________________
1202 Southmore Avenue 77502 · P.O. Box 1337 · Pasadena, TX 77501-1337 · (713) 475-5566 ·
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City of Pasadena & El Cary Estates Service Agreement
I. PURPOSE. The City of Pasadena is responsible for protecting the drinking water supply from contamination or pollution
which could result from improper system construction or configuration on the retail connection owner's side of the meter.
The purpose of this service agreement is to notify each customer of the restrictions which are in place to provide this
protection. The public water system enforces these restrictions to ensure the public health and welfare. Each retail customer
must sign this agreement before the City of Pasadena will begin service.
II. RESTRICTIONS. The following unacceptable practices are prohibited by State regulations.
A. No direct connection between the public drinking water supply and a potential source of contamination is permitted.
Potential sources of contamination shall be isolated from the public water system by an air-gap or an appropriate
backflow prevention device.
B. No cross-connection between the public drinking water supply and a private water system is permitted. These potential
threats to the public drinking water supply shall be eliminated at the service connection by the installation of an air-gap
or a reduced pressure-zone backflow prevention device.
C. No connection which allows water to be returned to the public drinking water supply is permitted.
D. No pipe or pipe fitting which contains more than 8% lead may be used for the installation or repair of plumbing at any
connection which provides water for human use.
E. No solder or flux which contains more than 0.2% lead can be used for the installation or repair of plumbing at any
connection which provides water for human use.
III. SERVICE AGREEMENT. The following are the terms of the service agreement between the City of Pasadena and the
A. The City of Pasadena will maintain a copy of this agreement as long as the Customer and/or the premises is connected
to the Water System.
B. The Customer shall allow his property to be inspected for possible cross-connections and other potential contamination
hazards. These inspections shall be conducted by the City of Pasadena or its designated agent prior to initiating new
water service; when there is reason to believe that cross-connections or other potential contamination hazards exist; or
after any major changes to the private water distribution facilities. The inspections shall be conducted during the City of
Pasadena’s normal business hours.
C. The City of Pasadena shall notify the Customer in writing of any cross-connection or other potential contamination
hazard which has been identified during the initial inspection or the periodic re-inspection.
D. The Customer shall immediately remove or adequately isolate any potential cross-connections or other potential
contamination hazards on his premises.
E. The Customer shall, at his expense, properly install, test, and maintain any backflow prevention device required by the
City of Pasadena. Copies of all testing and maintenance records shall be provided to the City of Pasadena.
IV. ENFORCEMENT. If the Customer fails to comply with the terms of the Service Agreement, the City of Pasadena shall, at its
option, either terminate service or properly install, test, and maintain an appropriate backflow prevention device at the
service connection. Any expenses associated with the enforcement of this agreement shall be billed to the Customer.
V. WATER QUALITY NOTICE. The City of Pasadena does not guarantee that you will never experience uninterrupted service due
to broken or damaged water lines. Furthermore, there is no guarantee of water quality due to circumstance beyond our
control. We will use every means at our disposal to make the necessary repairs in a timely and efficient manner in order to
restore your service and water quality.
CUSTOMER'S SIGNATURE:___________________________________________ DATE:______________________________
ACCOUNT #: ___________________________________________
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