This permit application is intended to be used for temporary outdoor uses with or
without structures associated with the use.
The application must be submitted to the City of Midland Planning office two weeks
prior to the intended beginning of the activity on the attached form. The following list
contains the requirements for temporary outdoor uses:
1. Fee: A temporary use permit fee shall be established by the City Council.
2. Issuer: The Zoning Administrator may issue temporary use permits.
3. Time Period for permits
First Permit: An initial permit for sixty (60) days may be issued unless otherwise
stated in these regulations, after determining that these uses will not be detrimental
to adjacent conforming uses during the permitted period of use.
Second Permit: A second temporary use permit may be issued at the end of a
time limit if the applicant shows good cause for up to thirty (30) additional days, not
to exceed ninety (90) days in one calendar year.
All activity must take place between the hours of 7:00am and 9:00pm.
4. Conditions: The Zoning Administrator may attach the conditions and requirements
deemed necessary to meet the intent of this permit.
5. Rental cargo units, pods, containers: These structures are permitted only when the
residence or business is involved in a renovation, construction, or moving activity for
up to thirty (30) days. A second temporary use permit may be issued by the Zoning
Administrator at the end of a time limit if the applicant shows good cause for an
additional thirty (30) days.
6. Site Plan: A site plan shall be required with each permit application and shall show the
location of sales outside the required setbacks for the zoning district in which you
propose to locate. The drawing must be signed by the owner of the parcel.
7. Shelter: Structures used for the sale or display of outdoor items shall not be used for
human shelter overnight.
8. Setback: Temporary uses including display or sale of items shall not be located within
the required setback for the zoning district in which it is located and shall provide for
clear vision area at each intersection or driveway.
9. Parking: Adequate off street parking shall be maintained at all times and shall not
displace required off street parking or cause parking or traffic congestion on adjacent
streets or properties. Barrier free accessible parking must be provided according to
the requirements of the City of Midland Zoning Ordinance.
10. Traffic Control: Where traffic control is required by the City of Midland the cost of
barricades and staff shall be assessed to the applicant.
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11. Human Consumption items: Temporary uses selling items for human consumption
on site shall be subject to all Health Department regulations. Uses serving these items
shall have access to hand washing and toilet facilities.
12. Signage: Temporary signage shall be permitted as described in Article 8.00, Sign
Regulations of the City of Midland Zoning Ordinance. Questions about signage may
be directed to John Wegner, Sign/Electrical Inspector at 837-3390.
13. Lighting: All lighting must comply with the City of Midland adopted building code and
Zoning Ordinance.
14. Electrical: All electrical provisions are subject to the City of Midland’s adopted
Electrical Code. All temporary wiring must be properly sized, protected and secured.
15. Construction:
Temporary structures shall not have a permanent foundation, move in any way or
become unattached due to wind.
Temporary structures may not be a mobile or modular structure that can be towed
or a semi trailer except in the case of fireworks storage or sales.
Rental cargo units, pods, or containers are permitted only when the residence or
business is involved in a renovation, construction or moving activity or the
temporary use is fireworks storage or sales.
Temporary structures for the sale of goods or otherwise intended for public use
and entry must meet building code requirements for barrier free access and means
of egress. Construction documents may be required.
16. Removal: Structures of any kind must be removed within three days of the expiration
of the permit. Merchandise, signage, waste, debris and all equipment used on the site
shall also be removed.
17. Garbage: Provisions for garbage collection and storage on site must be made.
Garbage must be disposed of on a daily basis.
18. Tents: The Fire Department issues a tent permit for all temporary membrane
structures in excess of 200 square feet regardless of their use.
City of Midland
Application for Temporary Use Permit
Submission Date: _____________________
Property Owner: ___________________________________________________
Mailing Address:___________________________________________________
Phone number: (____)______________________________________________
Cell phone: (____)_________________________________________________
Email address: ____________________________________________________
Fax: (____) _______________________________________________________
Owner’s Signature: _________________________________________________
Applicant Name (if not owner):________________________________________
Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________
Phone number: (____)_______________________________________________
Cell phone: (___)___________________________________________________
Email address: _____________________________________________________
Fax: (___)_________________________________________________________
Applicant’s Signature (if not owner):____________________________________
Please attach a copy of a site plan for the property and describe the nature of the
activity to be conducted.
Do you plan to use any portion of a city street or sidewalk? Yes ____ No____
Will your event have amplified sound associated with it? Yes ____ No____
Do you require additional public safety? Yes ____ No____
Will there be a public gathering of greater than 25 persons? Yes____ No____