City of Hampton
Your use of the Bank of America (BOA) VISA credit card issued to you is subject to the following terms and conditions. You
must comply with the terms and conditions as set forth in the training manual, your employee handbook, and any internal
guidelines developed by your department.
1. You are being entrusted with a valuable tool. A BOA VISA credit card allows you to make financial commitments on
behalf of the City of Hampton. You must strive to obtain the best value for the City of Hampton by using your card
with the businesses which give you the best price.
2. You understand the City of Hampton is liable to Bank of America for all charges made on the BOA VISA credit card.
3. You must use this card for approved purchases only and must not charge personal purchases. The City of Hampton
will audit the use of this card and will report and take appropriate action on any discrepancies.
4. You must follow the purchasing policy and procedures established by the City of Hampton for the use of the card.
Failure to do so may result in either revocation of your privileges or other disciplinary action as set forth in the City of
Hampton Human Resources Policies and Programs Manual.
5. If you use the card to make unauthorized purchases you must reimburse the City for the full amount of the purchases,
any finance charges associated with the purchases, and 10% interest on the amount of the purchases and finance
charges. If you fail to fully reimburse the City after having been given notice to do so, this agreement authorizes the
City to withhold any unpaid monies, finance charges, and interest from your paycheck(s). In the event it is necessary
for the City to initiate legal proceedings to collect any of these sums, you agree to pay the expenses incurred by the
City in such legal proceedings, including reasonable attorney’s fees.
6. You will be given a copy of the City of Hampton’s Bank of America VISA Credit Card Policy and Procedures Manual. You
are required to read and understand the requirements for the card’s use.
7. You must return the card immediately upon request or upon termination of employment (including retirement).
Should there be any organizational change that results in your transfer to another City department, you must contact
the City Credit Card Administrator to arrange for the transfer, return or reissuance of the card.
8. The City of Hampton may change the terms and conditions or its policy and procedures concerning the use of the card
and you must agree to comply with those changes upon notification.
As the employee being issued the card, I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated above.
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