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Please note:
Garden plots are open to all City of College Park residents.
Plots will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. 2019 members have priority.Ĉ
The annual fee is $15.00Ĉ¯²Ĉ¯¥»ó
Name: __________________________________________________________________
Phone: __________________________________________________________________
Email: ___________________________________________________________________
College Park, MD 20740
I hereby agree to:
Abide by all community garden rules and regulations and any amendments. I understand failure
to do so will result in forfeiting use of the plot and loss of the fee.
Provide a minimum of 4 hours of shared work during the 2020 calendar year through
membership workdays or other special projects arranged with the garden coordinator.
Attend designated general membership meetings.
____________________________________________ ___________
Signature Date
Before submitting payment, please e-mail khart@collegeparkmd.gov for plot availability and approval.
The 2020 annual fee is $15.00 per plot - please make checks payable to the City of College Park.
Please return signed application, hold harmless agreement, and fee to:
City of College Park
Attn: Community Garden Coordinator
8400 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 375
College Park, MD 20740
Address: __________________________________________________________
Number of Plots Requested: ________ Garden Coordinator Approval: _______
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In consideration for participation in the City of College Park Community Garden program, and other
good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged,
I, the undersigned, on behalf of myself, and my heirs, executors and assigns, do hereby agree
to release and forever discharge the City of College Park, its agents, officials, servants and
employees, from any liability for, and shall indemnify and hold the City of College Park, its agents,
officials, servants and employees, harmless from and against, any and all claims, demands, actions,
causes of action, suits, and any proceedings by others, and all liability for damages, including
attorneys fees, incurred by reason of or arising from my participation in the City of College Park
Community Garden program.
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1. The hours of operation are dawn to dusk. No one is allowed to be in the garden before or after
these times.
2. Plots are non-transferable. All plots will be surrendered back to the City of College Park at the
end of the season. Fees are non-refundable. At the start of a new season, priority will be given to
previous year plot holders to renew their plot reservation for the new season.
3. Gardeners must be residents of the City of College Park at all times.
4. Plots must be in a cultivated state within one month of the official opening date of the garden and
be cleared of all debris by December 1st.
5. Garden plots are to be used for growing fruits, vegetables and flowers for personal use only and
not for commercial sales.
6. Plots are received as-is. Tilling is the responsibility of each gardener and is not provided by the
7. Gardeners should visit and maintain their plots at least once a week. Gardeners are responsible
for cultivating, weeding, and watering their own plots and maintaining the surrounding paths. If
you will be out of town or on vacation, please arrange to have a fellow gardener watch over your
8. All gardens are subject to occasional inspections. If the garden is not in compliance with the
guidelines, an email notice will be sent by the garden master. Two weeks later, another inspection
will be performed. If the garden is still not in compliance, the garden master will notify the City
garden coordinator. Two weeks following this notice, the plot will be subject to forfeiture and
must be surrendered at the discretion of City staff. Fees will not be refunded.
9. Fertilizers may be used on garden plots, however, pesticides are not allowed in the garden.
Organic ways to control insects and diseases should be used as necessary - the garden master
can provide advice.
10. Family members and guests are welcome to the garden site. Plot holder must agree to
accompany all guests and understand that he/she is responsible for their actions.
11. Crops and structures over six feet tall are not allowed due to the shadow effect they will cast on
neighbor’s plots. No interior (plot perimeter) fences are allowed.
12. Biodegradable mulch is encouraged. Examples include: aged compost, leaves, straw, and hay.
Carpet mulch, stone, newspaper, cardboard and sod are not allowed. Black plastic is allowed but
must be secured.
13. Plot boundaries should be kept weeded and trash free, including the pathways on all sides of
your plot.
14. No permanent structures are allowed. All temporary structures must have written approval of City
15. No invasive or illegal plants are allowed. Plants like mint should be grown in containers. A list of
invasive plants can be found at: http://www.mdinvasivesp.org/
16. Littering or dumping is not allowed. The garden is a carry-in and carry-out facility and should
remain trash free. Compost bins are for plant waste only. No dumping or kitchen garbage is
17. Pets, smoking, alcohol, and glass containers are not allowed.
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18. Harvesting another plot is only allowed with explicit permission from the plot owner.
19. Any conflicts among gardeners should be referred to the garden master. If that contact is
unsuccessful in resolving your issue, the City garden coordinator should be notified.
20. If vandalism or theft occurs, notify the garden master immediately. Help us discourage trespassing
losses by talking to unfamiliar visitors.
21. Gardeners must provide a minimum of 4 hours of shared work during each calendar year through
workdays or other special projects arranged with the garden coordinator.
22. Gardeners must attend designated general membership meetings.
23. A hold harmless agreement acceptable to the City must be provided by each gardener.
24. The annual fee for membership is $15.00 per plot.
25. These Community Garden Rules and Regulation are subject to review and change at any time by
the City.