Thank you for your interest in serving on the City of Fresno’s CitizensPublic Safety Advisory Board.
This Board will help to enhance trust, accountability and transparency and promote higher standards
of service in our Police Department. It requires a significant time commitment as well as a
confidentiality agreement and a training waiver. Members will also be required to participate in
training both initial and ongoing as part of the Board. Please read this information sheet to learn
more about the requirements and expectations for being a member of this Board.
Board Members:
There will be 9 voting members of the Board chosen by Mayor Lee Brand to reflect the diversity of
race, social and economic composition of our community. Members must be at least 18 years of age,
live in and be registered voters in the City of Fresno.
Length of term: 4 years
Members serve at the pleasure of the Mayor and may be removed at any time for any reason. Failure
to attend three consecutive regular meetings without being excused by a majority board vote will
result in automatic termination. Any Board member may resign at any time by giving written notice to
the Chairperson.
Advise the Office of Independent Review (OIR) in helping to define, assess and further
develop Community Policing citywide;
Monitor and develop performance metrics to measure effectiveness of Community Policing;
Review all legally available information regarding policies, practices and procedures of the
Police Department and make recommendations to the OIR;
Hear reports from the OIR on Community/Police Department relations, the results of
investigations and reviews from the Officer Involved Shooting Review Committee and also
excessive force and/or unnecessary use of force investigations;
Serve as a panel to review and discuss critical incidents for the purposes of recommending
policies and practices to the Office of Independent Review;
Prepare quarterly reports and recommendations to be voted on by the Board.
Board members must commit to an initial 40 hours of training, as well as annual refresher training that
will be a minimum of 16 hours. The training will be comparable with the training police officers
receive. Training will change from year-to-year depending on what may be confronting law
enforcement at the time. It could be high risk traffic stops, vehicle pursuits, dynamic entries,
methodical searches, force option decision-making, search techniques, self-defense, de-escalation or
mental health awareness, among others. Most of these topics are considered perishable skills in that
they require officers to train on them frequently to maintain their skill level.
Prior to taking office, Board members take an oath and sign a training waiver and a non-disclosure
agreement prohibiting them from divulging confidential information, including identities of witnesses
and contents of confidential testimony and documents, both as a member and after leaving the Board.
The Board will meet monthly. Special meetings may also be held.
The Board reports to the OIR. The OIR reports all findings and recommendations from the Board to
the City Manager and the City Manager reports all findings and recommendations to the City Council
on a quarterly basis.
Return completed and signed application to the Fresno Mayor’s Office, 2600 Fresno Street, Room 2133, Fresno, CA
93721-3603. You may also email your application to
FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: Date referred to Mayor ____________ Council District ____________
Resume, recommendation letters and additional information may be attached.
Applicants are required to live within and be registered to vote in the Fresno City limits.
Name: Cell Phone: Work Phone: _______________
Home Address: Zip: ________________
Work Address: Zip: ________________
ail: _
Occupation/Employer: Yrs Months___
ducational Background, Schools Attended, Degrees and Certifications:
rofessional and Community Affiliations:
Explain why you are interested in serving on the Citizens Public Safety Advisory Board (attach additional sheets if
Provide 3 Personal/Professional References. Provide name, address, and phone number where they may be reached
during the day.
Do you or an immediate family
member have any professional or financial relationships that may present a potential
conflict of interest for the Citizens’ Public Safety Advisory Board? ____________________________________________
I declare under penalty of perjury the above information is true and correct.
I understand that in order to be considered for the Citizens’ Public Safety Advisory Board, I am a registered voter in the
City of Fresno and I agree to a background check.
I also understand that if I am selected to serve on the Citizens’ Public Safety Advisory Board, I will be required to
attend required trainings, including Perishable Skills, De-Escalation, Force Options, periodic Ride-Alongs and other
training that may be added in the future.
Dated: Applicant: _____________________________________________________________________