Capital Improvement Program
Project Suggestion Form
Please use this form if you have a project to recommend for consideration in the Capital
Improvement Program. All project requests will be reviewed by the appropriate City
Department and shared with the City Council for consideration in this year’s or future year’s
Capital Improvement Program.
Submitter’s Name (please print)
Submitter’s Address
Submitter’s Phone or Email
Project Location (include map)
Project Type (please check one)
Land Acquisition
Construction or expansion of a new public facility, street, or utility
Rehabilitation of a facility
Design work or planning study
Equipment (non-vehicular)
Replacement or purchase of vehicles
Project Description (be specific, include project outcomes. Use additional pages as necessary)
Project Justification (check all that apply)
Identified in Planning Document or Study (identify plan or study)
Improves Quality of Existing Services
Continuation of Existing Project
Extends Useful Life of Current Facility
or Equipment
Provides Added Capacity to Serve
Addresses Public Health or Safety Need
Reduces Long-Term Operating Costs
Alleviates Substandard Conditions or
Provides Incentive to Economic
Responds to Federal or State
Eligible for available Matching Funds
Other ________________________
Please return to the Public Works Department:
City Hall, 280 Madison Ave, Bainbridge Is, WA 98110
Rev. 01/10/2020 CEM