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CHDO Operating Funds Request
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Applicant Organization CHDO Set-Aside Project
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Operating Funds are provided to eligible CHDO organizations, as certified by Rhode
Island Housing, who are funded under the HOME CHDO set-aside for a project under
development or that is reasonably expected to be funded within 24 months from the
HOME CHDO set-aside for a specific project.
Funds are granted for eligible operating costs incurred during the period beginning with
the date of execution of the Agreement until a date twelve (12) months from the date of
execution of the Agreement.
The Recipient would agree to use the HOME proceeds solely for those operating
expenses, fees and costs, (i.e.: salaries, utilities, miscellaneous office expenses, etc.)
approved by Rhode Island Housing in accordance with 24 CFR 92.208 and 2 CFR Part
200, as outlined below in Section 4.
Proposed HOME Operating Funds Budget. Funds may not exceed the greater of $50,000 or
50% of the CHDO’s total operating expenses in the year awarded.
CHDO Operating Application pg. 2
When completing your budget, please be specific, as the PJ needs to determine if costs are
reasonable and necessary. Include documentation of costs to support request and justifications as
An example is as follows:
Example of Supporting
Employee 1 – Exec. Director*
W-2, paystub, employment contract
Employee 2 – Ass’t Director*
W-2, paystub, employment contract
Employee 3 – Construction Manager*
W-2, paystub, employment contract
Electricity for office space – 25% monthly**
Copy of utility bill
Internet for office 10% monthly**
Copy of bill
Leased office space – 25% monthly
Copy of lease, floor plan with square
footage, and justification for
*Back up with each requisition would include timesheets for each employee listed with their
time allocated to the eligible project.
** Back up would include bills from your provider & evidence of payment
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