April 2020
Approval of a division and/or re-description of land is required before it is sold when a new parcel is less than 40 acres and
not just a property line adjustment (Sec 102e & f). This form is designed to comply with applicable zoning, land
division ordinances, and Section 108 and 109 of the Michigan Land Division Act (formerly the subdivision control
act, PA 288 of 1967 as amended [particularly by PA 591 of 1996], PA 87 of 1997, MCL 560.101 et. seq.), and/or the
Condominium Act (PA 59 of 1987, as amended) and PA 23 of 2019.
$_________________ APPLICATION FEE – The fee is $150.00 for each parcel created (the remaining parent
parcel/tract counts as one division during first split). A fee of 75.00 is charged for each lot line (re-description)
adjustment. All other splits exempt under PA 591 are still required to complete the application but are not
required to pay the fee and the number of exempt divisions taken do not count against the number of state
entitled divisions.
APPLICANT’S NAME: ________________________________________________
ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________
CITY, STATE, ZIP: ___________________________________________________
*PHONE NUMBER: __________________________________________________
EMAIL: __________________________________@ ________________________
*Where you can be reached for questions or to schedule permission for a possible site visit.
1. Location of parent parcel/tract to be split, divided and/or re-described:
Address (if available): _______________ Street/Road Name: _______________________________
Tax Identification Number of parcel to be split, divided and/or re-described: 3907-_____-_____-______
Does owner own any parcels of property contiguous to the parent parcel/tract being split, divided and/or
re-described? YES OR NO
If yes, list Tax Identification Number(s) of the contiguous properties:
3907-____- ________-________ 3907-____- ________-________
3907-____- ________-________ 3907-____- ________-________
Total acreage of parent parcel/tract and all contiguous Property: ______________________________
Number of divisions requested under PA 591: ______________________________________________
(Remaining parent parcel/tract counts as a division during first split under PA 591)
State law defines a parent tract as all contiguous parcels under the same ownership as of March 31, 1997. The
acreage used to develop the amount of divisions a property owner is entitled to is based on the total acreage of
the entire parent tract. The remaining parent tract always counts as a new parcel for application fee purposes,
but only counts against your number of state entitled divisions the first time a split occurs under PA 591.
Date Received
by Assessor:
April 2020
2. Property Owner information:
Name:_________________________________________ Phone: (_____)-_______-____________
3. Attachments: All attachments must be included for application to be processed.
Letter each attachment as shown here. Label each legal description to correspond with survey.
A. A survey or map/drawing of parent parcel/tract drawn to a scale of 1”=20’, 1”=50’, 1”=100’, 1”=200’, 1”=400’, or 1”=1000’. The
scale used shall best represent the property and improvements. The survey or map/drawing will include the following:
1. Parent parcel/tract boundaries as of March 31, 1997.
2. All previous divisions that have occurred after March 31, 1997.
3. The labeled proposed divisions.
4. Dimensions of the proposed divisions.
5. Scaled location of any improvements (buildings, wells, septic systems, etc.).
6. Existing and proposed road right of ways.
All the legal descriptions for the newly created parcels will be labeled to correspond with the survey or map/drawing.
B. A legal description for the entire parent parcel/tract, the newly created remaining parent parcel/tract, and all other newly
created parcels.
A completed Land Division Tax Payment Certification Form (from Kalamazoo County Treasurers Office for divisions only).
4. Affidavit and permission for Comstock Charter Township, Kalamazoo County, and State of
Michigan officials to enter the property for inspections:
I agree the statements made above are true, and if found not to be true this application and any approval will be void. Further
I agree to comply with the conditions and regulations provided with this Division/Redescription Application. I understand this
division or redescription conveys only certain rights under the applicable local land division ordinance, the local zoning
ordinance, and the State Land Division Act (formerly the Subdivision Control Act, P.A. 288 of 1967, as amended ((particularly
by P.A. 591 of 1996)), MCL 560.101 et. Seq.)), and/or the Condominium Act (P.A. 59 of 1987 as amended) and does not
include any representation or conveyance of rights in any other statute, building code, zoning ordinance, deed restriction or
other property rights.
Township approval in no way guarantees the issuance of a building permit. If this Division/Redescription Application is
approved, I understand Deeds, or Land Contracts representing the approved divisions may be required and recorded with the
Register of Deeds, or any approval will be void.
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________
Property Owner(s) Signature Date
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________
Property Owner(s) Signature Date
OFFICE USE ONLY. Please do not mark in boxes below.
New Parcel Identification Number(s): __________________________________________________________________________
Number of splits allowed by statute: _________________ Number of splits requested by applicant: _______________________
_______Approved: Conditions, if any; _______________________________________________________________________
________Denied: Reasons; _______________________________________________________________________________
_______________________________________________ ___________________________________
Signature Township Assessor Date
April 2020
Additional Township Review Comments:
_____________ Reviewed
Recommend Approval: ______ Recommend Denial: ______________
Comments, if any ______________________________________________________________________
______________________________________ ___________________________
Signature Zoning Administrator Date
Comments, if any_______________________________________________________________________
TAXES CURRENT: _________ YES __________ NO
_______________________________ __________________________
Signature - Treasurer Date