CHAPTER 33 Eligibility Verification Form
(COE must be presented for initial proof of eligibility)
As an eligible recipient of Chapter 33, Post 9/11 Veteran's Benefits, Collin College permits you to use your
Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to fulfill payment deadline requirements for a specific term. Each term you
use your Chapter 33 benefits to fund your courses, you must submit a new Eligibility Verification Form to
the Bursar/Cashier Office, confirming your intent to use your Chapter 33 benefits.
If the VA does not make payment to the College, you will be responsible for full payment of any charges
assessed to your student account. It is your responsibility to adhere to your approved degree plan and
certified registration for each term, and to communicate any schedule change to your VA certifying
official. If you make any modifications to your scheduled courses or enroll in courses that are not part of
your certified degree plan, those changes will be communicated to the VA and might result in the VA
paying the college an amount more than your current, certified Post 9/11 benefit eligibility. In accordance
with VA Guidelines and Collin College refund practices, should any such overpayment occur and funds be
issued to you through the refund process, you will be liable to the VA and/or the College for repayment
of those funds.
I have read and agree to the terms above and I verify I have no debt to the VA or the Department
of Defense that might reduce my Chapter 33 benefit payments.
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